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5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned From The Hey Joe Show

The world of social media is now on its nth level of exposure anywhere in the world. There are ups and downs with getting too much hooked with it and somehow has come to a point where netizens (people who are active in online activities) are divided to their outlook about the Internet and social media in particular.

5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned From The Hey Joe Show | Skip The Flip
[Photo credit: Hey Joe Show; YouTube]

I have my own sides, too. There are ups and downs as I have discussed it in my previous post on blogging and how social media has become at present.

I am into YouTube as well. I spent almost all night after work and most of the time on weekends when I want to be updated with YouTubers on their daily lives and also their whereabouts. I also get ideas on whether if I will push through my plans to do YouTube. I am still in the thinking stage.

On the positive note, here’s one of the many YouTubers I follow since October, two years ago. I got the chance to watch their very first video they have uploaded and since then, I am an avid fan. They are the five guys of Hey Joe Show.

They are American YouTubers who started their lives on social media last October 2014. Since then, they became a huge hit to Filipinos from their comical videos, storytelling, variety shows, and music video parodies. This October marks their anniversary and before I move on with this post, I would like to congratulate the guys for a job well done: Sumner, Jake, Tylan, Davis, and Connor!

5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned From The Hey Joe Show

To join the celebration in their success on YouTube, here are the five (5) things I have learned from following them online and laughing my heart out when I watch their videos:

1) Make Other People Happy

5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned From The Hey Joe Show | Skip The Flip
[Photo credit: Hey Joe Show; YouTube]

It’s the best gift that we can ever give to someone: happiness. Like the videos they filmed online, Hey Joe Show has never failed to entertain their viewers with their funny stories and gags. It’s a plus that they have the majority of their videos in Bisaya, a local dialect in the Philippines, where they learned from their missionary work in Cebu before they went back home in the United States. (Yes, these five amazing guys are missionaries in the Philippines before they became sensational YouTubers).

They also share familiar Filipino practices and these videos let me realize how obvious our being Filipino is that even foreigners were able to do the same.

2) Share The Fun

5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned From The ‘Hey Joe Show’ | Skip The Flip
[Photo credit: Hey Joe Show; YouTube]

They don’t limit their interaction with their Filipino fans. They also collaborate with friends back home and teach them Bisaya. As we all know, Bisaya can be challenging to those who are not exposed to using or hearing it. But what makes their videos much more fun to watch with friends in the United States is friends’ attempts to really speak the dialect and just make fun of the experience.

Since the guys from Hey Joe Show are used to the local dialect (of course they were also struggling when they first experience it here in the Philippines), you will be amazed at the major difference on how they speak it fluently compared to their friends who are not into it yet. But surely, the videos are fun.

3) Appreciate Your Flaws

5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned From The Hey Joe Show | Skip The Flip
[Photo credit: Hey Joe Show; YouTube]

As their message on one of their videos, quoted, “You don’t need transformation. Mga gwapo ug gwapa mo daan (You’re already handsome and pretty). Don’t change,” the “Don’t Judge Me” Challenge became viral on social media where people videoed themselves in ugly makeup and then transformed into someone pretty and beautiful (and even muscular to men) like the ugly duckling story. But the message conveyed by these videos backfired from the original intention of anti-body shaming. Instead, people reacted to the negativity the videos are telling to others, particularly to teenagers.

But the guys from Hey Joe Show are clear from what they wanted to tell us that “we don’t need transformation because we are already beautiful.” Then again, the video, “Transformation FAIL” (watch the video here) gave out a positive and funny message to their viewers and what the anti-body shaming is really all about acceptance of your imperfection.

4) Meet New Friends

5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned From The Hey Joe Show | Skip The Flip
[Photo credit: Hey Joe Show; YouTube]

In 2015, they had their first ever Philippine Tour where they meet their fans on mall shows in the cities of Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Tagbilaran, Dumaguete, Manila, and Cebu. Aside from the many group pictures and selfies, they were also able to thank their fans and new friends for the support they have shown to the group and to the videos they create on YouTube.

Not only that, since they are also active on Facebook and Twitter, they also respond to their fans’ messages, and it only shows that they are humble and their feet still intact on the ground regardless the attained success on their online presence.

5) Enjoy A Laugh With Friends

5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned From The Hey Joe Show | Skip The Flip
[Photo credit: Hey Joe Show; YouTube]

There’s no better way to enjoy your days with friends but with laughter and jokes. I always believe in the saying, “People come and go”. And with their case, the guys of Hey Joe Show will be assigned to different countries for their missionary work. But when they are back home, they gathered themselves together and create videos again.

I am not sure what made them decide to come up with this idea of making videos online and speaking Bisaya, but in my opinion, the Hey Joe Show successfully portrayed happiness and fun to their viewers both online and offline. That’s the most important thing to know: the outcome of what you do.

As they celebrated their 1st Anniversary last year in October, it is fitting that we thank them for the videos they have created and the time they have spent to visit the Philippines and meet their fans. I have not met them yet in person, but soon, hopefully, I can have a sit down with them and have a good laugh.

Congratulations, again, you guys! Cheers to another year and more years to come!

To see more of their videos, subscribe to their YouTube Channel. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more of Hey Joe Show.

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