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The Personal Blog of Philip Andrew D. Mayol – Cebu Blogger

Press Feature

The following online references are websites and blogs where I was featured and/or mentioned:


Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2013 Winners December 2013


Cebu’s Top Bloggers Were Named During Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2015 Ceremony December 2015


Rico’s Lechon (リコーズレチョン); Cebu Navi Sakura Japanese Magazine July-August 2016

[TOP CHOICE 2016] Top 20 Cebu Blogger Influencers; Escooped Media 2016


Zenfone Caravan in Sinulog; Asus Philippines 11 January 2017

What Is Blogging, Really?: An Excerpt from an Overthinking Blogger’s Existential Crisis; The Pensive Peanut 30 January 2017