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The Stolen Chance (Love)

The Stolen Chance (Love) | Skip The Flip

It’s a lovely feeling to love and be loved. It’s unlovely to love and the love can never be yours. No matter how hard you try, and no matter how hard you pray, all things won’t come your way, even if it’s a stolen chance.

The Stolen Chance (Love) | Skip The Flip

“It’s okay that you don’t love me back. I’m okay if we’re just friends.”

The Stolen Chance

Friend is what I call you
The way we walk on the crimson road, of love
Binds our hands together, though
It seems not certain and untrue

We spent tens and hundreds
Folds of reason on our mind, if
There’s a chance to spell,
Chance is what I want from you

I have lifted your heart, to the summit
To where the boundary is forever
Love is what I see you
But love is not what I feel

From you, oh, it hurts me
Now, that I ask for that
For what I really believe
Deeper than the wounded heart

I hope this distance can never run,
Through the profound hole in my heart
I am taking on the bright side, now
But half of me is faintly shaded by the sun

The evening made me feel to think, if
You can love me, or love me
Not that I ask you these last words stuck in my mouth,
From the thousands of pages of words

If you can be my love, or still
A friend, just a friend instead
But now I want to see from your eyes
The expressions of making my dream come true.


From the love of a stolen chance•

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[In photo: Christoeffer John Estrada and Johanna Marie Frejoles; photographed by yours truly]

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