BCBA Recognizes Top Cebu Bloggers This Year

With my most recent win last year for Best Cebu Blogs Awards, I am as excited and overwhelmed with joy to the new set of winners for this year’s BCBA 2016. The 9th Awarding Ceremony was held last November 27, 2016, in Cebu City.

BCBA Recognizes Top Cebu Bloggers This Year | Skip The Flip

BCBA Recognizes Top Cebu Bloggers This Year

I was so thankful to be one of the special guests for this amazing annual event and witness the excitement of my fellow bloggers in Cebu. Mark Monta, the founder of Best Cebu Blogs Awards, invited me and this is going to be my 5th attendance with three being one of the finalists for the said awards.

As a blogger, I also read other blogs around the Internet. I appreciate that they have the same passion as I have in sharing experiences to their readers. That is why I can say that I have as the same thrill as this year’s finalists are having during this yearly ceremony.

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2016 Finalists and Winners

BCBA Recognizes Top Cebu Bloggers This Year | Skip The Flip

Mark Monta, the founder of BCBA, during his opening remarks

From hundreds of nominations for bloggers to qualify, there were 30 finalists declared to be the next hopeful winners of the seven major titles for this year’s edition of the Best Cebu Blog Awards.


Jervie Montejar of appsgadget.com
Renz Decina of cebugeek.com
WINNER Jullian Robin Sibi of utterlyrandomtechie.com


Hannah Sheila Iway of iwaydiaries.com
WINNER Jean Yu of lifeonaflavoredrunway.com
Joan Nadene Uy Ang of pensivepeanut.com
Katrina Enrera of keiseeinthecity.wordpress.com
Margaux Camaya of thevisualtraveler.net


Ian Limpangog of freedomwall.net
Janine Ella Anongos of wanderingella.com
Faith Mari Baquirquir of thetinywanderer.com
Christoeffer Estrada of foureyedlaagan.com
WINNER Sheila Abellanoza and Gian Jubela of adrenalineromance.com

BCBA Recognizes Top Cebu Bloggers This Year | Skip The Flip

Finalists Xerxes Bernadez of foodelity.net (left), Guada Cuizon of supercebu.com (far right), with one of the judges, Leylander Romarate of thecebuano.com (center)


Carbonette Encina of mysweetpromises.com
Ching Sadaya of chingsadaya.com
Mae Godino of thelifeaholics.com
WINNER Mimi Gonzales of chasingbleu.net
Xerxes Bernadez of foodelity.net


Alem Garcia of UkayUkayDiva.com
Jesse Jake Daan of jessejake.com
Joymie Arnaiz of jlarnaiz.wordpress.com
WINNER Lloyd Chua of lloydandbehold.com
Lyssa Amor of lyssaamor.asia
Naomi Bersales of jugsandpugs.com


Jed Galang of thejdgalz.wordpress.com
Marco Diala of countocram.com
Miguel Abas Jr. of vivomigsgee.com
WINNER Rea Alducente of blissfulsnapshots.com

Events & Entertainment

Doyzkie Buenaviaje of iluvcebu.com
Guada Cuizon of supercebu.com
Herbert Kikoy of driftstories.com
WINNER Ram Mancelita of Sugbu.ph

BCBA Recognizes Top Cebu Bloggers This Year | Skip The Flip

Blogger Neil Savellon of chefbuano.com, played host for the Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2016

Special Awards from major sponsors and partners to BCBA were also bestowed to chosen top Cebu bloggers who were finalists during the awards night.

Ram Mancelita (Sugbu.ph)
Uber Influencer Award
Uber Philippines

Sheila Abellanoza and Gian Jubela (adrenalineromance.com)
Best Blog 2016
Megaworld Corporation and Mactan Newtown

Christoeffer John Restauro Estrada (foureyedlaagan.com)
Best Creative Writing in a Blog
Memoriter Writing Service

BCBA Recognizes Top Cebu Bloggers This Year | Skip The Flip

Ian Limpangog (freedomwall.net; Finalist), Geezelle Tapangan (geemiz.com; BCBA Organizer), Xerxes Bernadez (foodelity.net; Finalist), Guada Cuizon (supercebu.com, Finalist) and I during the BCBA Awards 2016

I would like to congratulate all the finalists and the winners of this year’s Top Cebu Bloggers for their successful endeavors and continued passion in blogging. You all deserve this wonderful recognition and see you again next year for the 10th-anniversary edition of Best Cebu Blogs Awards.

This year’s awarding ceremony was held at Level 36 of the Crown Regency Hotel & Towers.

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