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Cebu Content Creators Convention at the Hobby Festival 2017

I always tell this to all of my blogger fellows, old and new, that bloggers should never stop the learning to improve the craft for their blogs. That’s what happened when I went to the HobFest 2017: Cebu Content Creators Convention at Parkmall, Cebu. I didn’t expect that the event would gather an ample amount of audience, as well as the overwhelming input from the content creators themselves.

Cebu Content Creators Convention at the Hobby Festival 2017 | Skip The Flip
The participants and speakers during the Cebu Content Creators Convention

Carlo Andrew Olano of hosted the event during the Cebu Content Creators Convention, with the assistance of Gary Montejo of Safe Heaven.

Discussions from Blogging 101, connecting to brands, challenges in travel blogging, video games reviewing, and more, were delivered by bloggers from Cebu on the 4-hour talk. YouTuber and influencer, Jomie Hospital, was also present to share his expertise on making a viral video.

Cebu Content Creators Convention at the Hobby Festival 2017 | Skip The Flip
Lex Tablante of, talks about blogging for video games and gaming consoles
Cebu Content Creators Convention at the Hobby Festival 2017 | Skip The Flip
Hanna Frejoles of discusses about balancing travel and blogging as a profession

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The event was held in the West Lobby of Parkmall in Mandaue City, Cebu. The program is a collaboration of the Cebu Content Creators and Safe Heaven to encourage content creators and aspiring influencers to step up to their skills in online writing, video editing, influencing and branding.

After the talk, content creators mingled with the audience and answered some questions to give more in-depth input on the topics they have discussed. Moreover, aspiring content creators on different fields on social media like Facebook and Instagram, YouTube, and blogging in general, exchanged ideas to each other making sure that the craft will live on and their passion heightened to be more competitive and artistic in their own ways.

Cebu Content Creators Convention at the Hobby Festival 2017 | Skip The Flip
The Marketing Department and Administrative Staff of Parkmall with Jomie Hospital after the talk

Connecting With Brands

My discussion focused more on the ideals of micro-influencers to connect their works to brands. However, on this part of the matter, I will be creating a different blog post to realize wholly the input that I have provided during the session.

Blogging for a decade now paved my personal influence through my work as a blogger with multiple brands. Since the topic assigned to me was about “Plugging Your Blog To Brands” is somehow I am very familiar, I have accepted the task to do so.

But then again, more discussions about the topic will be posted soon.

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Thank You’s

I would like to personally thank Cebu Content Creators and Safe Heaven for having me during the convention. It was a very fruitful experience and I was delighted to be meeting a huge community of Content Creators in Cebu. Also, I was amazed by how our audience accepted us and interacted with us during and after the talks.

I am hoping to be seeing these very motivated and very motivational people on the next set of speaking engagements in the future.

Here’s a short video from my YouTube channel to entice you of what really happened during the event (and shout out to my new friends whom I’ve met at the event).

*Credit to CJ Estrada of for providing me the part where it was my turn to speak onstage. Also, check his vlog on the event from his YouTube channel.

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