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Diabetes Care Is Family Care, How To Cope-Up And Have A Peace Of Mind With Sanofi

Diabetes Care Is Family Care, How To Cope-Up And Have A Peace Of Mind With Sanofi | Skip The Flip

Having a family member with diabetes definitely impacts the entire family, let alone the whole family is potentially diabetic. From preparing meals to schedule the monitoring, special attention while someone in your family has diabetes will bring stress to everyone. But the chronic disease is not just a family issue. Diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate in Asian countries, and that includes the Philippines. Rapid urbanization and increasing dependence on electronic gadgets and an unhealthy diet make a significant contribution to this epidemic while diabetes care in the country is struggling.

Diabetes Care Is Family Care, How To Cope-Up And Have A Peace Of Mind With Sanofi | Skip The Flip

Diabetes Care Is Family Care, How To Cope-Up And Have A Peace Of Mind With Sanofi

I have my fair share of this diabetes story. Both sides of my parents have a medical background of the same disease. Like my own family, if someone in yours is diagnosed with diabetes, the family might feel shocked, distressed, or overwhelmed – and so may the person who has the disease. Many people go through the stages of grieving – denial, rage, negotiation, sadness, and acceptance – with diabetes diagnosis if they don’t have the right coping skills. I, too, deny at first the fact that I can also be diabetic. But as I get older, I slowly accept the truth about the need to maintain a good healthy lifestyle and adjust food intake because, as what the family always says, “it runs in the blood.”

The reality of day-to-day life when a family member has diabetes becomes settled. One more evident area is during meals. It usually means that everyone in the family needs to accept dietary limits, such as giving up sugar or reducing carbohydrates, to set a positive example and to support their loved one with diabetes. There is also a concern as to whether something could happen unexpectedly to a person with diabetes, such as passing out with low blood sugar. These worries escalate when a person is separated from family members, such as at work or school. The fear is extremely bad for the parents of a child with diabetes. This will have a domino effect on other family members.

Diabetes takes a toll on families when the person who has it doesn’t always get the best care. Family members in this situation are often in a position to confront their loved ones or share their involvement in their inadequate diabetes control and potentially negative long-term consequences. If family members decide to substitute themselves as the diabetes police, the tension between family members always occurs.

Over time, tension will escalate if the family member’s diabetes is not controlled. Common diabetes problems include vision loss, mobility issues, and kidney dialysis – all of which contribute to a stronger need for family members to focus on. And there’s the financial burden of diabetes. It may put a strain on families due to higher deductibles and missed earnings during times of sickness. Maintenance medicine, or what we commonly call “maintenance”, is also costly.

Despite the complexities of diabetes diagnosis, it’s not just misery and despair. In reality, the more you learn about the disease and help your loved one learn to regulate his or her blood sugar, the easier it can be for everyone. Education is a perfect way to conquer anxiety and fear. That is why when I was recently introduced to Sanofi Philippines and its solid background and track record linked to diabetes care, it is in a good position to continue to be hopeful and more knowledgeable about diabetes in my family, as well as the situation of the Philippines combating such chronic disease.

With Sanofi and their oath and advocacy for a healthier Philippines, they are committed to giving us the healthcare we deserve. | Skip The Flip

Sanofi #PanataNgPamilya

A study entitled, “Diabetes Care in the Philippines”, was conducted by Dr. Gerry H. Tan, M.D., to review the prevalence of diabetes in the Philippines and to describe extensively the characteristics of diabetes care in the Philippines from the availability of diagnostics tests to the procurement of medications. His findings showed that Diabetes care in the Philippines is disadvantaged and challenged concerning resources, government support, and economics.

The national insurance system does not cover comprehensive diabetes care in a preventive model and private insurance companies only offer limited diabetes coverage. Thus, most patients rely on “out-of-pocket” expenses, namely, laboratory procedures and daily medications. Consequently, poor pharmacotherapy adherence impairs the prevention of complications. Moreover, behavioral modifications are difficult due to cultural preferences for a traditional diet of refined sugar, including white rice and bread.

In line with the “Diabetes Care in the Philippines” study and the implications of how it is currently challenged, it is just right that every Filipino family should make health a lifetime commitment. And that is when Sanofi’s advocacy, #PanataNgPamilya, #PanatangSanofi comes in. It focuses on providing support to Diabetes, Hypertension, and Chronic Kidney Disease patients through holistic healthcare and education.

With the “Empower Patient Program” of Sanofi, a 360-degree patient program to help patients along their journey with Diabetes, patients are provided with a free starter kit; free education from Diabetes Educators; and Multi-channel patient support via phone or the app so they can be connected and supported all the time. And the good thing is, doctors can be updated with the patient’s progress by accessing the online blood glucose diary, one of the telemedicine feats of the “Empower” program, which is a long-term, and continuous health support system up for one (1) year.

Moreover, Sanofi strongly believes that healthcare should be as individual as the person it empowers. Each person is different, with their own strengths, own ways of coping, and with their own type of diabetes. They believe in Your Type. This will surely help improve patient adherence and bring them towards a better life with diabetes.

A family should be mindful that everyone can develop diabetes so that everyone can make a deliberate attempt to encourage a healthier lifestyle. | Skip The Flip

Sanofi is calling every Filipino to embrace this Panata for their families. On November 14, Sanofi affirms their commitment (or Panata) to step up for Diabetes and stand up for a healthier Philippines through solidifying their role in the fight against Diabetes. They want to help the Filipino families affected by this chronic disease by promoting overall wellness like having proper nutrition, engaging in physical activities, availing proper healthcare, regular check-ups, and the right way of treatment.

With that said, Sanofi’s initiative for Diabetes Care is a great opportunity to answer this challenge, most especially in these challenging times during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, even with Sanofi’s health ecosystem in existence, it is still relevant for the family members to provide strong support to those who have diabetes in the family, and the community as a whole. Family members can help in many ways to better manage the emotional toll of a family member with diabetes through encouraging self-responsibility, learning to seek help from trusted medical professionals, seeking support groups, self-managing their condition, and setting realistic goals for better health.

A family should be mindful that everyone can develop diabetes so that everyone can make a deliberate attempt to encourage a healthier lifestyle.

With Sanofi and their oath and advocacy for a healthier Philippines, they are committed to giving us the healthcare we deserve. Caring for chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension takes a village, according to Sanofi’s #PanatangSanofi. It’s a family affair where no one should be left behind and family members should never seize giving out their support, and that’s #PanataNgPamilya.

Learn more about Sanofi Philippines. Visit today.

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