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Earthquakes, And Some Other Things, Will Definitely Freak Me Out

I don’t know if I can call these things my phobia, but if I am near them, they will activate the cowardliness in me. I am guessing it is normal that you have fears on something: earthworms, cockroach, snakes, fire, and other things. And then again, don’t let me get near them.

They will freak me out, and I will sweat and turn cold as ice or scream my lungs out like a girl if I can.


Earthquakes, and some other things, will definitely freak me out | Skip The Flip
Did you feel that? [Photo credit:]

I mean, who’s not going to freak out if the ground is moving. Even a small shake a person does with his legs against my seat or table (like that mannerism thing). If I caught you doing that, I’ll keep an eye on you.

The earthquakes from 2013 here in the Visayas, particularly in Bohol, really freaked me out, I tell you.


Earthquakes, and some other things, will definitely freak me out | Skip The Flip
You call that cute? No! [Photo credit:]

Anything rat-like, no. Searching for a picture on Google even weakens me. Just no! If you ladies fear cockroaches (especially the ones flying), I don’t mind. Let them. But if I saw rats, even other moving things that look like them, please, go away now.

I don’t like “Ratatouille”, that animated movie from Pixar. Really! Hamster, guinea pigs, what else are there… Na-uh! Here’s a story: When I was walking from school to my apartment during college, I came across a cat getting very wild somewhere near a basketball court. I was wondering why it was acting like that. All of a sudden, I realized that it was fighting against a rat… much, much bigger!

What happened? The cat and I ran together in a race.

I intentionally edited the picture with a “NO” sign there. Just because. And sorry, Ronald Weasley. If you really love Scabbers the rat… I don’t.

Pointing any object in front my eyes

Earthquakes, and some other things, will definitely freak me out | Skip The Flip
Don’t you ever do this to me! [Photo credit:]

When you’re the kind of person who waves his or her spoon and fork and points them to me, we’re not friends anymore. Imagining that a ball point pen is in front my eyes would really make me look away.

I am not afraid of knives or needles or syringes during medical examinations. But if you point those things (most especially something that has a shiny tip) at my eye level, I would really put your name on my “Forbidden list”.

Standing at the edge

Earthquakes, and some other things, will definitely freak me out | Skip The Flip
You can be sure that that guy on the picture is not me [Photo credit:]

I am not afraid of heights. I have taken a Ferris wheel ride many times, I jumped into an 11 feet fresh water swimming pool, I took a transparent elevator from one of the tallest hotel buildings in Cebu City (Crown Regency Hotels & Towers). It’s just the falling part.

I sweat a lot when I can see that there’s way down there, even I know there are railings that I can hold into. I can probably jump a cliff but stand at the cliff, I will pee my pants. Again, it’s just the feeling of falling that scares the bum-bum out of me.

That’s enough for now. These things freak me out already. Wait. Was that an earthquake?

But hey, how about you? Do you feel shaky or frightened to something? Leave your answers in the comment box below.

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