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Going Matcha With Fujinoya Philippines

There is nothing more pleasing than a cozy table, a warm cup of coffee, and a piece of heaven on a slice of cake. I have decided to drop by for the first time to a Japanese-influenced coffee shop in Cebu to have a taste and try of what they can offer me. I sent them a private message on Facebook and had a table reserved. Quick as a snap of a finger, I received a reply and confirmed that a table was already reserved under my name.

Going Matcha With Fujinoya Philippines | Skip The Flip

I have considered going there at Fujinoya Coffee shop in Wilson Street, Cebu City because they have been promoting on their Facebook Page that “we are the best place for students to study… we have the most reliable Internet connection.” So, without any second thought, I gave it a try and so I went.

Before going to the coffee shop, I have already heard a lot of things about it. Actually, I was able to go there once but only bought something to eat for a takeaway. I have never gotten the chance to stay inside for a long time and enjoy the place and what it can possibly offer me. As an avid fan of coffee, I have so much expectation going there.

Going Matcha With Fujinoya Philippines | Skip The Flip

Going Matcha With Fujinoya Philippines

I stick to what I think Fujinoya is: a Japanese-inspired coffee shop. When I approached the counter, I immediately went into ordering something Japanese. The closer one on my recollection is matcha, a finely ground powder of carefully grown and processed green tea.

Matcha green tea is of Chinese origin, however, it was imported to Japan in the early 1900s by a Zen Buddhist monk who taught the imperial nation the art of powdering tea leaves.

Going Matcha With Fujinoya Philippines | Skip The Flip

Their hot matcha latte is already good as is. The earthy flavor and with a little touch of sweetness from the milk and sugar compliments very well with the green tea. But of course, I won’t settle for only the coffee. A small piece of another specialty can never be forgiving if you don’t try one at Fujinoya.

They have two options: Matcha Shortcake and a Matcha Mousse. I don’t know what I have ordered but it looked like this when I got it.

Going Matcha With Fujinoya Philippines | Skip The Flip

I was pleased with what I have at Fujinoya. Considering that I went there because of their “very stable Internet connection,” which is true, the Matcha love was all over the place. For only ₱289.00, you can already have one serving of Matcha Mousse, that one covered in Matcha powder, and a hot cup of Matcha Latte.

If you want to get the alternative, you get the Matcha Shortcake with the Hot Matcha Latte for only ₱259.00 and that would make you happy, too.

Going Matcha With Fujinoya Philippines | Skip The Flip

Internet Is Stable Indeed

The very reason why I went there at Fujinoya is to really check if their Internet connection is as stable as what they have been telling their followers and fans on Facebook. It is, indeed, stable. There were some hiccups that needed resetting of the router, but overall the experience was fun and I have enjoyed my coffee a lot.

Going Matcha With Fujinoya Philippines | Skip The Flip

However, here’s my advice: Notify them (sending them a Facebook message is enough) and reserve a seat. The coffee shop might be crowded since it’s near a shopping mall and IT-BPO centers. Fujinoya is also very accessible and you can easily get a taxi or a jeepney ride to and from there.

Tables are near the outlets located on the floors and walls. So, running out of power for your notebook/laptop and your smartphone won’t be an issue.

The place can be very noisy, though, but since it’s in public, you can’t expect everyone to hush like they are in a library. You can bring with you a pair of headphones, though, for your music listening pleasure.

To know more about this coffee place and their Matcha lattes and cakes, join Fujinoya Philippines on Facebook.

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