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In The Spotlight: The realme Buds T100 Earbuds Are Oozing With Style, Comfort, Portability, And More!

I personally prefer those wired over-ear headphones when I listen to music with my smartphone or portable music player. It’s not that I don’t like those wireless earbuds, I am just more comfortable with the headphones that you place over your head, a guarantee that the pair won’t be lost when I’m on the go. But without a doubt, I am giving the realme Buds T100 a try because there are quite a few things I love, and that’s why I am using it so I can review.

In The Spotlight: The realme Buds T100 Earbuds Are Oozing With Style, Comfort, Portability, And More! | Skip The Flip

In The Spotlight: The realme Buds T100 Earbuds Are Oozing With Style, Comfort, Portability, And More!

If you’re going to introduce wireless earbuds for me to use, there are some things I am so picky about. With the realme Buds T100, I have taken note of five (5) of these things hence this review article. From getting used to using wired headphones (or wire earphones), a good alternative must have these things in them so the device can be something I will consider:

Design And Color Options

I really love the minimalist Black color of the realme Buds T100 case. With a small branding printed at the front (in semi-metallic silver), the case looks so simple, yet slick and elegant. But opening the case to show the earbuds is quite a surprise. The realme Design StudioTM, the team behind its aesthetics, introduced the Two-Tone Hit Color on its Punk Black color variant. The bright yellow inner wall of the case gave a standout to the matte black earbuds’ overall design.

Two-Tone Hit Color Design | Skip The Flip
The realme Buds T100 in Pop White, and Punk Black.

It comes in another color variant, Pop White, which is currently available in the Philippines. Jazz Blue and Rock Red will be launched soon. I love how polished the body of the earbuds but they don’t attract too much smudge or fingerprint. Whenever they do, they are very easy to clean and no parts are difficult to reach.

Compact And Lightweight

The realme Buds T100 has a compact and lightweight design. Each bud weighs approximately 4 grams. The overall weight of the case is 35.9 grams, with a 61.16 mm height, 48.29 mm width, and 28.16 mm depth. You can easily place the case with the earbuds in it inside your bag, or your pants’ side pocket without getting too much space.

Because of its rounded edges and smooth finish, the case is easy to hold and does not cause a pinch on your palm. The realme Buds T100 is indeed a total comfort and compact to carry along with when you’re working out outside or just enjoying loud and clear music.

Easy To Configure Via The Realme Link App

Customize the realme Buds T100 with ease thanks to the realme Link App. | Skip The Flip

Customize the realme Buds T100 with ease thanks to the realme Link App. You can quickly assign the left and right sensor touches of each of the buds for Volume Adjustments, Answer and End Calls, change into Game Mode, or Device Pairing. You can also configure the EQ Presents via the realme Link App. With the BluetoothTM 5.3, pairing is never a hassle and operation is still smooth at 10m without a sudden drop in sound quality and device connectivity.

The Google Pair feature is also very useful for your listening experience. | Skip The Flip
Initially pairing the realme Buds T100 to the realme 9 Pro+

The Google Pair feature is also very useful for your listening experience. Easily pair your realme Buds T100 earbuds to any device just by opening the case cover for its initial pairing process. When not in use, return both of the buds inside the case. It will not just charge up the earbuds but also disconnect the pairing. To pair again, search for the realme Buds T100 on your realme Link app, or configure your device’s BluetoothTM settings to search for the earbuds.

In my own configuration, all I need to do is tap both the left and right earbuds’ touch sensors all at the same time to pair. A pairing sound will notify you if the re-pairing was done successfully or otherwise.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

The realme Buds T100 has a 28-hour Playback. | Skip The Flip

The realme Buds T100 has a 28-hour Playback. The case is equipped with a 400mAh battery capacity that can charge the earbuds. However, the buds alone can operate 6 hours of playback as each bud offers a 40mAh battery capacity. Use the earbuds regularly for 4 hours and the battery can last the whole week without charging.

When it’s time to charge, a 10-minute charge can already provide a 120-minute or 2-hour playback.

The realme Buds T100 has an advanced and intelligent algorithm. The AI Environment Noise Cancellation (ENC), which reduces the outer noise, extracts the human voice based on your environment during calls in order to give enhanced clarity. Its high-definition microphone ensures that your words are heard loud and clear.

It is also the best fit for gamers as it offers a super-low latency of just 88ms that will ensure background and music on gameplay with crisp and quality sound. You can also activate the Volume Enhancement and the Game Mode for a more improved listening experience.

The realme Buds T100 Technical Specifications

Product Name realme TechLife Buds T100 Sound driver size 10mm
Color Punk Black, Pop White
Jazz Blue*, Rock Red*
Effective range ≤10m
Battery life 28 Hours Playback
40mAh (Buds only)
400mAh (Case only)
BluetoothTM 5.3
Charging USB Type-C
Charge 10 minutes for 120-minute Playback
In the Box 1 x realme Buds T100
1 x USB-Type C Charging Cable
1 x Quick Start Guide
1 x L Eartips (pair)
1 x M Eartips (pair; pre-installed)
1 x S Eartips (pair)
Others AI ENC Noise Canceling Microphone, Smart Touch Controls, IPX5 Water Resistance, Google Fast Pair, AAC SBC Audio Codec

*Jazz Blue and Rock Red will be launched soon.

What's in the box? | SkipTheFlip


If you’re looking for brand new True Wireless Sound (TWS) earbuds, the realme Buds T100 is a good option for you. Not only that it offers a standout design, compact, and lightweight aesthetics, but it is also equipped with features like the AI ENC microphone, 10mm Dynamic Bass Boost, 88ms Super Low Latency, and Long Battery Life. The realme Buds T100 is also easy to configure via the realme Link App, and thanks to the Google Fast Pair, initial pairing to your smartphone is a breeze.

If you're looking for brand new True Wireless Sound (TWS) earbuds, the realme Buds T100 is a good option for you. | Skip The Flip

What’s missing for me, though, is the capability to locate the earbuds when misplaced. Also, it’s lacking a standout color for the earbuds themselves, however, the pure black color is clean and elegant to look at. I am just wishing a dash of accent color on the touch controls would give it a plus. Since the touch controls are sometimes tricky to locate while wearing the earbuds, an indentation can help the user to locate them for easy navigation.

Overall, I highly recommend the realme Buds T100 for mobile gaming for its Game Mode option, regular use for taking calls and listening to music with the AI Environment Noise Cancellation, as well as the Battery Capacity. The IPX5 Rating can also help when you use the realme Buds T100 during the workout to protect the device from sweat and minute drops of rain when you’re outside on the go. And with its affordable price of ₱1,299, the realme Buds T100 indeed lets you Groove 24/7 with its amazing design and color variants, and the efficient battery life that can last for more than a day or more depending on usage.

What do you think about the realme Buds T100? Are you planning to get your pair? If so, always be on the lookout for special promos on realme Philippines’ official flagship store on Lazada and Shopee for you might have a chance to bring home a new realme Buds T100 at a discounted price.

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realme Buds T100




Ease of Use




Battery Life





  • Minimalist design yet standout two-tone color
  • Compact and lightweight, COmfortable fit
  • Easy to configure via realme Link App
  • Long battery life
  • With Volume Enhancement and Game Mode options


  • No sensor of disconnectivity or auto-pause when not in use or removed from ears
  • No options in the realme Link App to locate device
  • The Black earbuds need to stand out a little bit; lacking color accent
  • Touch sensors sometimes difficult to locate with just the fingers
  • No official accessories available like silicone case and/or lanyard
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