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Bloggers Livestream Sessions Ep. 1: “Let’s Talk About Blogging”

Bloggers Livestream Sessions Ep. 1: "Let's Talk About Blogging" | Skip The Flip

The official poster of the first-ever BLS.

I am doing a new live stream segment on my Facebook Page where I do a video with my fellow bloggers. It was my first episode last Labor Day Monday, May 1, and it was a success. We had so much fun that I have decided to make it a regular thing.

Bloggers Livestream Sessions Ep. 1: "Let's Talk About Blogging" | Skip The Flip
The official poster of the first-ever BLS.

I have asked 3 of my blogger friends commonly asked questions. However, I was not able to answer them myself. On this post, I will share my thoughts and will answer them to you.

Before we start the ball from rolling, my episode guests were Christoeffer John Estrada of, Wellbein Borja of and Johanna Marie Frejoles of for an hour and 45 minutes of wacky talks and random thoughts talking about blogging to our viewers.

I was supposed to be asking them ten questions during the live stream but due to time constraints, I was only able to give them the first 5 and entertained other questions from our viewers. I will not include the rest of the questions here since it would be irrelevant for the discussion.

On this blog post, I will only answer the very first question I have asked them.

What’s the first thing you need to consider before starting a blog?

With my Blogging Tips discussion here, I am always true to the idea that as a blogger, one must identify first the niche of the blog. A “niche” is a special area of concentration for your content. It’s the main topic you want to talk about on your blog.

There are many kinds of blogging niche: Travel, Health & Fitness, Movies, Photography, Technology, Personal (or Lifestyle), Food, News & Events, Fashion, Business, Arts & Entertainment and a lot more.

When you found out your strong niche and would master how to write about it on your blog, it can help you with the topics you want to share. Writing about it will be much easier and that can be a plus factor in blogging regularly.

After knowing your true niche, the next thing you are going to consider is looking for your brand name. It can be challenging because branding is the representation of who you are as a blogger and it will tell your readers more about you and what you write on your blog.

You also need to consider your domain name (or the blog URL address). It must maintain the KISS principle in choosing your domain name: “Keep It Short and Simple.” Also, take note that when choosing a domain name for your blog, it is catchy, easy to remember and relevant to who you are for your online presence.

Bloggers Livestream Sessions Ep. 1: "Let's Talk About Blogging" | Skip The Flip
After our livestream session. [Photo credit: Johanna Marie Frejoles of]

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I hope you have enjoyed our first live stream session. You can rewatch the video on my Facebook Page. You can go to my YouTube channel as well, or check the video below.

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If you have questions, or if you wish to share your ideas about this discussion, you can leave your thoughts in the comments section below. I would be very happy to read them.

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