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The New Moto E3 Power Smartphone

The New Moto E3 Power Smartphone | Skip The Flip

What's in the box? The new Moto E3 Power smartphone

Moto, a premium brand for smartphones in the market released a brand new lineup of Moto series. One of them is the Moto E3 Power, the entry-level smartphone with 3,500 mAh battery and a 5-inch HD clear display. This is not an in-depth review on the Moto E3 Power, but I am going to introduce to you what I like most about this new smartphone and why you should get it.

The New Moto E3 Power Smartphone | Skip The Flip
The new Moto E3 Power in Black

Hello Moto

Moto arrived in Cebu last December 7, 2016, and they have invited me to a #hellomotocebu product launch at the San Martin Hall, Radisson Blu Cebu Hotel. They have released not just one smartphone, but six brand new smartphones in their Moto series. During the event, they emphasized more on their latest flagship: the Moto Z with hot-swappable add-ons called MotoMods.

I will not be talking further about the amazing flagship device from Moto, however, this is how it looks like from the back panel exposing its camera.

The New Moto E3 Power Smartphone | Skip The Flip
The newest flagship smartphone device from Moto: Moto Z [Photo credit:]

The New Moto E3 Power Smartphone

Among the six brand new smartphone devices Moto released and introduced during the product launch, with one bring the Moto Z, they have an entry-level that is somehow (from my observation) that is not behind the competition.

The New Moto E3 Power Smartphone | Skip The Flip
What’s in the box? The new Moto E3 Power smartphone

The Moto E3 Power is a 5-inch HD clear display smartphone, with a Quad-core processor and running under the Android Marshmallow operating system.

It has a 2GB RAM, 16GB of internal storage with optional microSD card slot for expansion and a dual SIM card capabilities supporting 4G/LTE networks. Its main edge is the 3,500 mAh battery that will possibly last a day or two depending on usage, and a rapid charge battery using the charger that comes with the box. You can get 5 hours of battery life with just 15 minutes of charging.

The cameras are also competitive with its 8MP back camera with flash and the 5MP selfie cam that will definitely be useful for an on-the-go, nonstop lifestyle.

The New Moto E3 Power Smartphone | Skip The Flip
The back camera of the new Moto E3 Power in 8MP

The Moto E3 Power is a water repellant smartphone with nano-coating. It can withstand minor liquid splash. You need to take note, though, that the smartphone is not waterproof.

For more details about the Moto E3 Power smartphone, visit the product page from Moto.

Here’s my video blog talking about the Moto Cebu Product Launch event and the other smartphones being released in the market today.

I will be making a separate blog post about the Moto E3 Power after I am done testing it for a product review.

The New Moto E3 Power Smartphone | Skip The Flip
Moto E3 Power with 5-inch HD display and 5MP front selfie cam

The pricing starts at ₱6,999.00 at authorized dealers like Memo Express and Silicon Valley.

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Note: This is not a sponsored post. However, the new Moto E3 Power unit featured on this blog is a raffle prize I’ve won during the product launch event. 🙂

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