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One Of The Reasons Why Bloggers Miserably Fail… In Blogging

One Of The Reasons Why Bloggers Miserably Fail... In Blogging

Bloggers have become the trending personalities on social media. Blogging, on the other hand, is the “IT” thing now. Regardless of how others say that this platform is dying, there is still a huge number of audience who look for information online through blogs. That’s a good thing, or is it?

One Of The Reasons Why Bloggers Miserably Fail... In Blogging

In the case of travel bloggers, for example, their works can be a helpful tool for people who wish to go to places that these bloggers have been to. Travel tips and guides are a must for first-time travelers or for those who wanted to do traveling on a limited budget. For entertainment and events, readers and followers are into searching for hints and whereabouts on social happenings, celebrity appearances near their area, mall promos and what’s coming on the big screen.

Scoops and deets are published on blogs (sad to say, though, that other people get their information from unreliable sources or what we commonly call, fake news) and people on a massive scale are still into reading blogs for any reason whatsoever.

One Of The Reasons Why Bloggers Miserably Fail… In Blogging

We, bloggers, always say that we need passion to continue what we are doing and to keep on going to reach another level as online writers. In my opinion, it is not only passion that is required to move up and move forward in blogging.

There are lots of things to put into consideration and I have here the most common thing you might have missed why, if you are a blogger, you miserably fail in doing it.

You Only Settle With Passion And That’s It.

When you want to start something, you need passion. When you, however, want to start something and make sure to keep on going, you need something else. Let’s name it this: Purpose.

Knowing your purpose why you are doing things makes it easier for you to keep on going. Besides, what good is doing what you love with fire if you lack the reason why you are doing it in the first place. Passion and Purpose must team up to become as enthusiastic from the day you start blogging until you reach your goals.

These two need connective tissues to be always together to be able for a blogger to pursue the success in blogging.

You’re Already Happy With That. Period.

It’s not only just the passion to do it. Learning to do things you love and growing them does not require only passion. As I’ve mentioned a while back, let your purpose, the center or the core of your reason why you are doing the things you love, give light to what you are doing.

One Of The Reasons Why Bloggers Miserably Fail... In Blogging

Don’t just settle for passion alone. The Internet is a happy place, yes. You can meet new friends, reconnect with the old ones, spend time with your family when you’re far from them, and you get to gain more knowledge and learn a lot of things unfamiliar to you. The Internet, however, is also cruel.

The Internet has become one of the sources of information as well as one of the ways to convey one. If you happen to get the negative side things online and you share them with others, (let us recall the prevalent fake news today), it can be difficult to trust what you read online.

As a blogger, who, in the long run, can become someone with influence due to the growth of followers and readers, credibility is at stake and one must be careful to the extent of sharing information on his/her blog.

Always remember that dependence to passion alone, we always think of growing the spark and fire of what we do. We forget what caused the spark and what keeps the fire from glowing. If that is the case, one must reflect the main reason why the blog was established in the first place.

That is why blogging with a purpose is also important.

It’s alright to fail. Failing is a crucial part of success. However, if you fail because you lack to identify the purpose of why you’re doing the things you love doing, that’s another side of the coin.

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