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The realme Motion-Activated Night Light: Simple, Yet Useful (Unboxing And First Impression)

The realme Motion-Activated Night Light: Simple, Yet Useful | Skip The Flip

Most of the time, small things come in small packages. But sometimes, those small and simple things come in big purpose. I’ve been setting up this little bad boy to light up my way in the dark without switching the actual room lights on when I need to wake up in the middle of the night to get some water in the kitchen or have a quick, and solemn session in the toilet (you know what I mean). Well, I’m talking about this new product, the realme Motion-Activated Night Light. And I’m going to share with you what I think about this device and why you should get it, too.

The realme Motion-Activated Night Light: Simple, Yet Useful | Skip The Flip

The realme Motion-Activated Night Light: Simple, Yet Useful (Unboxing And First Impression)

The new realme Motion-Activated Night Light is very useful for me. Because my bedroom is located at the end corner next to the living room and the kitchen, all the lights are turned off when it’s bedtime. The windows in the living room are all shut so a little to no light can enter the house.

What I did to salvage my toe from bumping the ends of the door jam, or accidentally tripping from the doormat on the floor at night, I bought this night lamp from our trusty hardware store (ehem, Handyman) so I can, at least, have enough light source. You need to plug it in, and sadly the nearest electrical outlet is roughly five meters away from my bedroom door and it’s almost hiding at the back of the refrigerator.

The realme Motion-Activated Night Light: Simple, Yet Useful | Skip The Flip
This is how my current night lamp looks like at around 3 AM. All alone at the back of the refrigerator, and next to the oven toaster. Sad.

Good thing, though, it serves its main purpose so far. But I was so elated when I was given the chance to test-drive the new realme Motion-Activated Night Light. It’s like, my prayers are heard because a night light is one of the things I need today, most especially with the situation I’m in (as if it’s a world domination problem). But the heck, I am trying this out, and let’s see what this can offer me.

I am currently testing the night light, and as advertised by realme, it has a low power consumption with up to 1 year of battery life (3 AAA batteries needed to operate). There are free batteries included in the box, so you can use the device right away without worrying about the small stuff. It lights up as you move near or within its 120° distance range with high-precision motion detection infrared and photosensor. As tested, the night light turns off after 15 seconds. Now that’s battery-saving for you.

Truly simple, yet useful. Not to forget its design and easy setup. | Skip The Flip

It diffuses light that it gives sufficient natural lighting, like a lampshade with its cover on, and it is not too bright that it irritates your eyesight. It’s just so right. It’s warm, it’s relaxing. It has two brightness modes so you can adjust how dim or bright the light would be when it switches on. The mode switch can be found at the back panel, inside the battery compartment (thank me later).

The doughnut shape, which I like the most, gives a minimalist vibe. The design looks clean and simple, yet stylish that it can also serve as a room decoration when not in use. The matte-finished, soft-edged surface is smudge and fingerprint resistant. So, cleaning the device is not that big of an issue.

To set it up, you can either use the magnetic base if you want to place it on home appliances like the refrigerator (compared to the night lamp I’m using now which is placed at the back) or you stick it on the wall with an easy-to-clean double-sided tape to still get that very simple aesthetics of its design. And it will also help you avoid getting into bumping and tripping accidents because it’s not on your way.

The realme Motion-Activated Night Light: Simple, Yet Useful | Skip The Flip

Now, the beauty of it, and because of its round design with a hole (like I’ve said, a doughnut), you can also hang it around like inside a cabinet using a faux leather rope with ease. Its convenient, ring-shaped design really is a plus factor.

Technical Specifications

Product Size 85 x 85 x 25.2 millimeters
(85 x 85 x 30 millimeters with the magnetic base attached
Luminous Flux High light more: 10 Lumen
Low light mode: 3 Lumen
Weight 94 grams (batteries excluded)
Magnetic Base Weight 18.5 grams
Power 3 AAA Batteries
Color Temperature 2800K1
Maximum Sensing Distance 6 meters
Maximum Sensing Angle 120°
Rated Power 0.45W
Working Temperature 0° to 35°C
Sensor Infrared Motion + Photosensor
Input Voltage 4.5V

My First Impressions

So far, my experience of testing this device is a good experience. I will keep testing this out, and it’s worth the keep. I might consider buying more of these as a gift to Mama because I know she always goes to the toilet at night during bedtime and the bedroom is full of those huge cabinets and appliances. It can be very useful and helpful for her.

What do you think? My take of the new realme Motion-Activated Night Light is A+. It’s easy to operate, true to its use, and it looks cute. Well, I don’t know if that’s the right term to describe it, but yes. I think you should get one, too, and try it out.

Truly simple, yet useful. Not to forget its design and easy setup. | Skip The Flip

The realme Motion-Activated Night Light is a new addition to the #realmeTechLife product catalog, giving the realme Squad a taste of the Smart Home digital experience powered by Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) from the No. 1 Smartphone and Digital Lifestyle brand in the Philippines.

Where To Buy?

It’s now available on Lazada, Shopee, and any realme stores nearest you, nationwide. It retails for only ₱590.00 (if you get lucky, much cheaper during online sales and promos).

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  1. Diffuse 2800K warm light simulates the softness of natural light and protects your eyes. This night light does not flicker, and has no harmful blue light.
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