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To The Aspiring Bloggers, The Content Creators Who Lose Hope And Gave Up, And To Those Who Didn’t Believe

To The Aspiring Bloggers, The Content Creators Who Lose Hope And Gave Up, And To Those Who Didn't Believe | Skip The Flip

“There will be setbacks,” is what I’ve said when asked about my journey when I started blogging. I always advise aspiring bloggers that it’s not always ‘Going Up’ when you want to pursue your dreams as a content creator. Since 2006, I have encountered a lot of challenges along the way and I take all of them as the foundation of what I have achieved today. I have been judged, compared, questioned, and mistreated in many situations but I never let them hinder me to continue what I love doing.

To The Aspiring Bloggers, The Content Creators Who Lose Hope And Gave Up, And To Those Who Didn't Believe | Skip The Flip

To The Aspiring Bloggers, The Content Creators Who Lose Hope And Gave Up, And To Those Who Didn’t Believe

I never compare myself to other content creators even though your online presence with tens and hundreds of others is considered a competition. However, for me, the true competition is about you, against you, and how you did the past year. When I get nominated for BCBA in 2010, my goal is to always step up and surpass my past self, my previous performance because I always positively think that all who are nominated are the best in other ways. I never forget to open opportunities to learn new things and improve my craft because I don’t know everything. If you’re wondering if I’ve won my first nomination, I didn’t. And it’s okay. And I keep on blogging despite the fact that I was not able to snag my supposedly ‘first trophy’ (for my other blog,

I am not always “The Best”. Sometimes, I win my goals, and sometimes I mess up and fail. I am sharing these awards to tell you that these are my personal reminders that with what I do, I always think that I’m doing it the right way. Winning an award is not a guarantee, but with these awards, I am forever thankful that what I did was valued and appreciated. That is why I’m always thankful for Best Cebu Blogs Awards for the opportunity to share my passion and my craft with others.

To those aspiring bloggers, don’t pressure yourself with the number of followers you get on social media. It is just not only that. We might be not as ‘famous’ as the other content creators you idolize, but always remember that somewhere in cyberspace, you might have brightened up someone else’s day because of what you write, what you share online. I don’t consider myself as a brand. What I do is.

Do not force yourself to write. My advice to you is to enjoy the journey, appreciate the opportunities coming in your ways, work with brands, and always thank them for the trust and support they have given you. Always know your value to thrive and survive. Don’t be afraid to take risks, and don’t forget to plan ahead. And don’t forget to thank God for letting you finish your work and letting you hit that publish button with no harm. Love what you do and don’t pressure yourself to be like the other blogger because you didn’t know, sooner or later, you can be much better.

Thank You

Best Cebu Blogs Awards | Skip The Flip
Best Cebu Personal Blog Awards in 2017 and 2020.

First of all, I would like to thank God Almighty for providing us strength, patience, and perseverance to keep us going in spite of the ongoing global health crisis. Then, there’s no one worth mentioning for my gratitude to my family back home in General Santos, who are very supportive of what I do for more than a decade now. Of course, my readers and followers for being there to always appreciate what I write on my blog since way back when thank you very much.

To my fellows at Cebu Content Creators, let us continue to showcase our craft, and to provide information to our readers because I know one or two have learned something from what you create online.

To wrap things up, I would like to thank Best Cebu Blogs Awards for giving us an amazing opportunity to tell everyone that no matter what changes time has put to the ways people consume content on social media, blogging is still alive… writing is still appreciated.

To my fellow bloggers, ‘just keep swimming’.

To my fellow bloggers, 'just keep swimming'. | Skip The Flip

This achievement I offer to Sñr. Sto. Niño for the guidance, and to Bl. Carlo Acutis, for living his life as a true example of a content creator.

Thank you for your unending support to Skip The Flip.

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