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Wear Zalora: My Favorite Printed Backpack From River Island

A backpack is a must for me all the time. I always carry it with me wherever I go since I bring most of my daily routine the stuff I need when I’m out and about: a netbook for my blogging, a camera, power bank, notebook, pen and my wallet. So, If I can look for amazing backpacks at the mall or search for them online, I try to make sure that I wouldn’t miss getting one… a cool one.

In 2015, I was able to get an amazing backpack from River Island, which I bought online from Zalora Philippines.

River Island: My Favorite Printed Backpack In 2015 | Skip The Flip

Backpack Fashion and Brand

I don’t consider myself fashionable on the way I dress up, so, I cope with “fashion” from the things I accessorize myself. And backpacks grabbed the spot to be one of “the bling-bling”. I was so grateful I did some scrolling at Zalora Philippines when they invited me to partner with them and I found this Hawaiian printed backpack from River Island. It caught my attention and bought it right away.

River Island: My Favorite Printed Backpack In 2015 | Skip The Flip

River Island: My Favorite Printed Backpack In 2015 | Skip The Flip

The Design

The backpack I’ve got online is made up of black leatherette canvas. It has a huge front compartment pocket (I don’t know if you call it that way) with floral printed accent on it and the bottom part is felt-linen (and its coffee brown in so it is not advisable to place the bag straight to the ground).

Since I am already slowly introducing myself to brands that are new to me, so I gave River Island a try and I am not disappointed.

River Island: My Favorite Printed Backpack In 2015 | Skip The Flip

As what I’ve mentioned earlier on, the brown felt-linen bottom also accentuate the bag which makes it not dull. And it’s very easy to clean: just brush it with a used toothbrush and it’s ready to go again.

River Island: My Favorite Printed Backpack In 2015 | Skip The Flip


All in all, I love this backpack and I always carry it with me whenever I go somewhere that I need to be, at least, fashionable. However, there are some downs to it as well, which in some part didn’t affect too much of my decision buying it.

Here are some points where I love and somehow don’t like about this item:

Upside of this backpack

– Good enough to fit my HP Stream 11 netbook and some other stuff
– Durable canvas and the feel won’t tear apart easily
– Accented prints are amazing and catchy
– Spacious and can carry lots of things
– Easy to clean: used toothbrush for the felt-linen and wet issue on the canvas

Downside of this backpack

– Does not have a separate compartment for the netbook (I missed that out during purchase)
– Very limited stock online so I only have one on hand
– A little hurting on the pocket: price during purchase was ₱1,590.00 (discounted; originally ₱2,098.00)
– The brand is not available locally to where I am so I always need to buy online
– Very attractive to colleagues so I got asked if I’m going to sell it, which I always reject them

River Island: My Favorite Printed Backpack In 2015 | Skip The Flip

Are you updating your wardrobe this year? Why not try to check some amazing fashionable items from Zalora Philippines and buy new stuff for the new year? Go to today as they offer items from International brands like River Island, Nike, and a lot more.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can use the promo code below for a 15% discount storewide. Terms and conditions apply.

River Island: My Favorite Printed Backpack In 2015 | Skip The Flip

Shop for fashionable finds at today!

So, what is your favorite accessory from last year? Be kind to share the brand that you fancy and I might consider buying some items from them for 2016.

Other products that are featured in this post:

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