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Yet Another Classic To Love: The Nokia 2660 Flip (Review)

Yet Another Classic To Love: The Nokia 2660 Flip (Review) | Skip The Flip

The Nokia 2660 Flip carries on the legacy of the brand’s straightforward, high-quality phones for making calls. It forgoes the majority of today’s “in” features in favor of making calls and sending messages, just like the other classic Nokia feature phones currently available on the market. In fact, having a camera is also a plus. Though its design is basic and easy to use, this feature phone, in particular, isn’t entirely dull.

Yet Another Classic To Love: The Nokia 2660 Flip (Review) | Skip The Flip

Yet Another Classic To Love: The Nokia 2660 Flip (Review)

The Nokia 2660 Flip is a standard clamshell phone in every way. And that’s good since we prefer a simple, usable phone over a fashionable one that’s difficult to use, most especially if you consider having this device as a secondary phone for making calls and text messages.

Simple Design

Durable flip design, big 2.8-inch screen, and big keys | Skip The Flip
Durable flip design, big 2.8-inch screen, and big keys.

The sleek design and small dimensions (18.9mm in height by 55mm in width by 108mm in length) make it portable, while the black color scheme is unmistakably retro. The Nokia 2660 Flip weighs 123g and feels light to the touch.

There is only the main hinge for the phone’s flipping operation on the top. The 2.55mm headphone jack and the micro USB charging port are both located on the left side. Normally, we’d be upset and prefer those modern gadgets should have a USB Type-C, but with a phone this basic, it’s actually not a problem. However, we will criticize the absence of a dedicated volume rocker. The Nokia 2660 Flip, however, added a dedicated volume rocker and an Emergency Key that, when long-pressed, dialed the specified SOS numbers1 and, when short-pressed, turned on or off the 1.77 inches secondary external display (that shows basic information like the time, and date, battery status, and more).

Comfortable Controls

Comfortable controls and keys on the inside, and secondary 1.7" screen on the outside | Skip The Flip
Comfortable controls and keys on the inside for an amazing calling and text messaging experience, and secondary 1.7″ screen on the outside for notification and other basic phone status display.

Although graphics and photos won’t look great compared to other devices, the menu interface is simple and intuitive. You can even activate the Accessibility Mode via the settings to display bigger icons for a clearer view needed for those who have difficulty seeing small icons on the screen. The main display is 2.8 inches. As you’d expect, the resolution (240 x 320 pixels) is rather low, but again, it’s fine for a basic handset.

The design of the navigation array is spacious. A four-way toggle with an “OK” button in the middle, two option keys, Talk and End/power controls, the Go To Menu key, and a dedicated back key are all included. The keypad buttons are spacious as well and have prominent, lighted characters. The keys feel robust, and tactile at the same time.

Activating Accessible Mode and Snake Game | Skip The Flip
Activating Accessible Mode turning menu icons into much bigger icons for more clarity (left), and playing the classic game Snake (right).

Features and Apps

The Nokia 2660 Flip has a phone book that holds contacts with room in each entry for a photo, Last Name, First Name, Mobile Number, Home Number, and Birthday. You can also organize contacts into groups. Ringtones are another matter, though. Groups can store ringtones, and the phone comes with 14 polyphonic tones. You can also choose files from the phone’s music folder.

Call quality was acceptable. It’s easy to hear with loud audio settings and Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC). It looks pretty sturdy on its tough polycarbonate shell it does seem like it could withstand much abuse and has a very quiet flip operation.

Basic features include text messaging, an alarm clock, a calendar, a calculator, a timer, a torch (flashlight), and a stopwatch, a converter, a photo gallery, basic games like Snake, Tetris, and Racing Attack. On such a basic phone, we like that Nokia threw in Bluetooth, a voice recorder, and 4G Data connectivity. You can have access to the Internet via its Web-based interface, as well as Facebook via the pre-installed app.

Battery Life, Camera, And FM Radio

Stay connected with the people you care about. The Nokia 2660 Flip brought in a 1450 mAh battery that lasts for days, you can chat when the feeling takes you. The best thing I have experienced with the Nokia 2660 Flip is the ability to operate its FM Radio without requiring wired earphones to play as its antenna (but doing so would make the reception even much clearer).

The 0.3MP rear camera and the rear LED flash are added specifications for a quick snap as you keep in touch with your loved ones. They are not great ones but surely you can keep photos while on the go or have to immortalize your memories with simple images with the Nokia 2660 Flip.

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Final Thoughts

Nowadays, people surround themselves with a lot of technology, pay for services they hardly ever use, and update social media about every event in their lives. And the new Nokia 2660 Flip may be there to undermine this. However, using the Nokia 2660 Flip for me had less to do with giving up my high-end smartphones for a “simple” phone and more to do with my enthusiasm for classic flip phones. That strategy obviously worked because I was able to integrate this feature phone into my techy world as well.

With big buttons, a big screen, a big sound, and a price tag of ₱3,490, this flip phone makes it easy to stay in touch. Are you planning to buy this nostalgic device? If so, get yours now from the Nokia Mobile Philippines flagship stores on Shopee, Lazada, and Zalora.

Nokia 2660 Flip 4G




Ease of Use




Battery Life





  • Big 2.8" main screen
  • Big keys and controls for easy calling and texting
  • Flip operation and build is sturdy
  • Loud audio settings
  • FM Radio can be used even without wired headset


  • Very limited pre-installed app (only Facebook)
  • No messaging app included like Viber, Whatsapp, etc.
  • 4G is only for data connectivity and not for hotspot
  • Very limiting built-in 128MB internal storage (but expandable to 32GB)
  • A good 1GB base RAM would be great (only has 48MB RAM)
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  1. Up to five (5) In Case of Emergency (ICE) numbers
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