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How I Became A Champion For Children

How I Became A Champion For Children | Skip The Flip

My Champions for Children Donor Card

It was a careful action out of my emotions and of my personal goals to restore humanity in a little way. A stroll at the shopping mall changed the way I see things about children, especially those who are in need and those who are less privileged to education, medical care, clean and safe home, security from any harm, and protection from oppression and from the cruelty of war, from natural disasters and calamities, and from uncaring people.

How I Became A Champion For Children | Skip The Flip
My Champions for Children Donor Card

Yes, last September 14, 2012, I became a Champion for Children, a UNICEF program that aims to be committed with a vital role to support the children in the Philippines and worldwide.

Becoming a Champion for Children

I was just strolling Ayala Center Cebu that time, hoping and wishing I could buy that amazing book set I saw at one of the bookshelves at National Bookstore and Fully Booked. When I passed by that rotunda to get to the upper floor by taking an escalator, I was greeted with smiles from this young lady inviting me over for a short talk. I thought she was another sales lady who would sell you things at the mall.

I was hesitant at first, but when I saw the signage next to her small plastic table and chair where she sat, right then and there, I decided to entertain her. What enticed me, even more, to talk to her is the leaflet or voucher she was handing me over. It’s a pledge donor form for UNICEF Philippines.

Someone actually motivated me to join

Let’s be honest. We acquire stuff if we see our favorite celebrity being connected with the product or the service. In this case, when I found out that Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano, is the Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF Philippines, I signed up right away.

How I Became A Champion For Children | Skip The Flip
UNICEF Philippines National Goodwill Ambassador Gary Valenciano [Photo credit:]

I like him. He is my favorite Filipino singer and entertainer. As far as I can remember, Gary V’s concert is my first ever live concert that I’ve gone to. It was years ago at Bernabe Center, in General Santos City. I think I was still in 3rd grade when I saw him sing and perform live, during his “Shout for Joy” years.

I want to meet him in person again, someday, and tell him I’m a proud Champion for Children.

And then I signed up

I’ve filled out the pledge donor form and signed up to donate every month for two (2) years. I used my credit card and have automatically direct debited to my account. Even though my mom told me to save money and be very careful with my credit card usage, but with this one, I have no regrets. I pledge to support a long-term donation of ₱600 every month.

With my ₱20 daily donation, I was able to help UNICEF Philippines assist seven (7) children to buy them books and school supplies to stay in school. It is like buying and paying a subscription to a daily newspaper. For two (2) years, my subscription to Champions for Children donations ended last 2014. But, I contacted UNICEF Philippines that I will continue donating via Paypal every time I earn from my Google AdSense and from the payments and honorariums I receive from establishment who wish to avail sponsored post on my websites.

Just recently, in August 2015, I donated ₱300 to Champions for Children because I received my payout from Google AdSense.

UNICEF Philippines is Family

I ended my monthly donation with UNICEF Philippines in 2014 but still continues to donate whenever possible with any amount I can shell out. Yet, friends from UNICEF Philippines still communicate with me through email and send me magazines and report papers.

How I Became A Champion For Children | Skip The Flip

But what really triggered my urge to always keep going with this “movement” and this cause, was when I received a special gift from them for my birthday last year.

The call to join the movement

This post remained in my draft box until today. At first, I was so troubled about what to write and how to tell you guys about what I think and feel about becoming a Champion for Children. It was when I received a mention from @TheLightsofLove on Twitter.

With this, I am humbly calling all my readers and my fellow blogger friends to join the movement and become a Champion for Children. If donating on a long-term is not doable for you, there are other ways on how to donate to UNICEF Philippines. Your every peso counts. It will be a great help for the children.

Be a Champion for Children.

If you want to know more about UNICEF Philippines and the Champions for Children program, you can follow their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can also visit UNICEF Philippine website. #UniteForChildren

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Thanks to Babylen of UNICEF Philippines (Fundraiser ID No. ON0011), for letting me sign up and be a part of this program. Also to Sereena, Benjie, and Ginny for always keeping in touch with me through emails. Hope to see you very soon when I visit Makati City.

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