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Cebu Travel Bloggers You Need To Follow

Cebu Travel Bloggers You Need To Follow Because It's Summertime | Skip The Flip

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As a blogger, I also get inspiration from my fellows who have the same interest as I am in blogging. We may differ in writing style or the niche we cover, sometimes, I get inspiration from the story they tell and how they tell it to their readers.

Cebu Travel Bloggers You Need To Follow | Skip The Flip
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Cebu Travel Bloggers You Need To Follow

Traveling is something I wanted to do if I have the time and money. It is also something I wish to do randomly to experience the adventure these travel bloggers from Cebu have experienced. I always say to myself and others that I am “a blogger less traveled”, but to compensate to that statement, I have been to different regions in the country in the past. It so happened that I haven’t had the chance to document them or I haven’t blogged about them because, obviously, I haven’t started blogging yet.

To get more ideas on traveling and to help me plan out for my upcoming adventures, here are the Cebu travel bloggers I think we all need to follow because I find their contents fun… and it’s also summertime.


If you want to know how to travel on a budget without sacrificing the experience, Johanna is the kind of blogger you need to check.

Cebu Travel Bloggers You Need To Follow | Skip The Flip
On her travel to Cancalanog Falls in Alegria, Cebu [Photo credit: beanintransit on Instagram]

Aside from the travel budget ideas, her storytelling on her travel blog is fun to read and follow. Not to mention the photos that came along her blog posts, they are all catchy but not as sugar-coated that these photos can really take you to the places she had visited. She also challenges herself to write 5,000-worded articles while maintaining her story to be interesting and not dragging.

She even shares her not-so-fun experiences from the mishaps of her traveling, and still, her story is still very tempting to emulate and try it yourself.


I am not sure if there’s sorcery on his pair of spectacles or he is just a natural traveler, Christoeffer sets his traveling to a most adventurous experience like trekking and mountain climbing.

Cebu Travel Bloggers You Need To Follow | Skip The Flip
On one of his travels at Lake Nailig, Mount Talinis in Negros [Photo foureyedlaagan on Instagram]

Sharing his stories through what he’s seeing with the eyeglasses he is always wearing, his travel blog can make you explore the most rugged mountaineering adventures you can ever get in Cebu. He also tells his story on his travel from the different parts of the country like Mt. Talinis in Negros Oriental. Traveling religiously to lakes, mountains and or even to simple destinations, he even told a very interesting story how his love of travel and mountaineering helped him change his life for the better.

Excuse his messy hair (and his very peculiar way to spell his first name it’s even considered misspelled on my spell checker), but that what makes this travel blogger from Cebu very fun to follow.


Aiming for that #couplegoals in traveling? Edcel and Sheena, as a couple, is that perfect pair for “Wandering Couple” vibe. Been together for 8 years, this partner-in-travel blogging couple is your go-to online source of information about traveling with a little surprise.

Cebu Travel Bloggers You Need To Follow | Skip The Flip
Edcel and Sheena in El Nido, Palawan [Photo credit:]

That surprise is a little cutie patootie baby named Aeary. Since 2015, their way of exploring and adventuring the different parts of the Philippines changed as they consider the safety and comfort of travel while having a toddler. Expect amazing tips on traveling with an infant from their blogs because it is also crucial to their stories. They also venture to travel abroad like Japan, Malaysia, Australia, and other countries.

If you want to plan your next trip and you need to bring along “little people”, Edcel and Sheena’s blog is the right blog for you.

Final Thoughts

Traveling is fun. It can also be challenging depending to the level of adventure you wanted to experience and explore. From the Cebu travel bloggers I have featured on this blog post, I’m hoping that you get relevant tips for your next travel plans and adventure.

I might not have the extent to try the places that they have been, however, I am sure that someday, I can be the “well-traveled blogger” and I will share my stories with you very soon. You better watch out my future posts.

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