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British YouTubers I Follow Because They Are Awfully Brilliant

British YouTubers I Follow Because They Are Awfully Brilliant | Skip The Flip

I always spend my weekends or my spare time when I’m not at work watching British YouTubers and their videos almost all the time. Sticking to the idea that people under the Cancer zodiac sign are stay-at-home buddies. Well, I strongly agree with that.

British YouTubers I Follow Because They Are Awfully Brilliant | Skip The Flip

Of course, I socialize and stroll at the mall (if I need to), or meet my fellow content creators for collaboration ideas or just find time to hang out. But usually, I follow the line Harry Potter mentioned on the second book:

I’ll be in my bedroom, making no noise and pretending that I don’t exist.

British YouTubers I Follow Because They Are Awesome

Now, if I’m in my bedroom, I love watching movies on my laptop, or stream videos on YouTube. Others say it’s a waste of time watching these nonsense videos. But they just didn’t know, there are channels that feature amazing, witty and creative sorts of short films, TV show episodes, movies and vlogs (video blogs) on their channels.

They are lots of British YouTubers out there but I will be featuring my favorites because they are awesome, they are hilarious, and generally, they have, yes, the accent. I want to go to London now.

Here are some of my favorites (not in particular order):

Jack Harries a.k.a JacksGap

British YouTubers I Follow Because They Are Awfully Brilliant | Skip The Flip
[Photo credit: Tumblr)

JacksGap is a British YouTube channel of Jackson Frayn Harries with his twin brother, Finnegan Frayn “Finn” Harries, about their adventures in the U.K. and their fantastic travel around the world. It started with only Jack on the first few videos on the channel, until he introduced his twin brother (older by 2 minutes), Finn, which made the viewers and subscribers doubled in November 2011.

British YouTubers I Follow Because They Are Awfully Brilliant | Skip The Flip
Jack and Finn Harries [Photo credit:]

Currently, he has more than 4 million subscribers.

Zoe Sugg a.k.a Zoella

British YouTubers I Follow Because They Are Awfully Brilliant | Skip The Flip
[Photo credit: YouTube]

It’s not just because she’s beautiful, she’s also very articulate and witty, which I really like. And she’s English. Period. The only female British YouTuber I religiously follow, Zoella (Zoe Elizabeth Sugg) is an English beauty and fashion vlogger. She is an award-winning video personality, receiving the Radio 1 Teen Awards’ 2013 “Best British Vlogger” and 2014 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award for “UK Favourite Vlogger.”

Her main YouTube channel already has more than 12 million subscribers, making her the first female British content creator to achieve such a number of followers.

Charlie McDonnell a.k.a charlieissocoollike

British YouTubers I Follow Because They Are Awfully Brilliant | Skip The Flip
[Photo credit:]

Charlie McDonnell, better known as Charlie, is an English YouTube Vlogger who started in 2007 at the age of 16. He is the most “posh” sounding British-accent speaker on YouTube who is now residing in London. He usually talks about anything, and everything, who chats a lot (which I like). But mind you, he has (for my opinion) the best content about anything on YouTube in the UK that’s on my subscription list.

He has his own production company, Quali Tea, which is inspired by him who loves English tea.

Aside from vlogging, Charles Joseph McDonnell is also a musician and a filmmaker. His YouTube channel is the first-ever in the history of video bloggers in the UK to reach 1 million subscribers, in June of 2011.

Currently, Charlie has more than 2 million subscribers.


British YouTubers I Follow Because They Are Awfully Brilliant | Skip The Flip
Ben, Jamie, Barry and Mike of SORTEDfood [Photo credit:]

Sorted Food is a British cooking channel on YouTube, which ideally introduces what-you-can-find-at-home food recipes, and amazing food hacks that will make our lives easier when we talk about preparing food. Founded in 2010, Jamie Spafford, Ben Ebbrell, Barry Taylor and Mike Huttlestone compose the crew of Sorted Food. With their segments on YouTube “Made Personal”, “3 Things To Do With” and their newest “Burger Quest”, the guys of Sorted Food will teach and introduce to you simple yet amazing food. They also include videos on travel-inspired dishes from around the world.

Ben Ebbrell is the main chef of the group. With their 1 million subscribers reach on YouTube, SORTEDfood has become one of my cooking guide channels for future ideas and of course, my companion when I eat (it gives me appetite with the food they serve).

Since Mike Huttlestone is a musician, you can also see videos of them making music parodies in the kitchen. They are just so funny and talented! They have more than 1 million subscribers.

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Josh a.k.a Korean Englishman (영국남자)

British YouTubers I Follow Because They Are Awfully Brilliant | Skip The Flip
[Photo credit:]

I’ll say this straight away. The very reason why Josh is on my list: he can speak Korean, and he’s pure-born British. Can I say this that I am so insecure now? Alright, I said it. I’m insecure. I am also learning the Korean language but I can’t perfect it because I have no one to talk to. But he inspires me to learn more and practice more.

What I like about Josh’s videos on YouTube is that he shares both Korean and British cultures. He also travels and films his experiences with friends Olli, Johnny, Dan, Joel and Young Chul. He films his videos in both English and Korean. But what amazes me, some of his British friends also can speak Korean. Why? I want to learn the language again. Cries.

With his amazing travel videos, culture presentation of England and Korea, Josh now has more than 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He also features Korean food to his friends in the UK. Amazing!

Oli White

British YouTubers I Follow Because They Are Awfully Brilliant | Skip The Flip
[Photo credit:]

He is the cheeky one, Oli is. He creates funny videos online, alone or with his friends. But what I like most is when he film videos with his younger brother, James.

A Guinness World Record holder, he holds the fastest jam-filled doughnut eater with the hands on the back and without leaking the lips while eating it. Oli was able to consume it all in 33 seconds! Watch the video here.

Oli creates funny and witty videos. They are much funnier if he filmed it with his younger brother. They also hang together for a drive out-of-town, went to Harry Potter studios, eat their favorite food at Nando’s or go to amusement parks.

Oli now has more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube.

Alfie Deyes a.k.a. PointlessBlog

British YouTubers I Follow Because They Are Awfully Brilliant | Skip The Flip
[Photo credit:]

Alfred Sidney “Alfie” Deyes is an English YouTuber, property investor and author who runs multiple YouTube channels. His actively running channel, PointlessBlogVlogs already has more than 4 million subscribers.

He usually shows daily video blogs, challenges and travel adventures around the world. Alfie is currently living with his girlfriend and fellow British YouTuber, Zoella, in their own house in Brighton, England.

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They are my favorite British YouTubers I watch online. They might have different contents or they might not your type of British YouTubers, so I would like to know yours. If you can leave your suggestions in the comment section below I might have the time to check them out.

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