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Uploading My First Ever YouTube Video, Vlogging Plans And Gabriel Conte

Uploading My First Ever YouTube Video, Vlogging Plans And Gabriel Conte | Skip The Flip

I love YouTube a lot. It is where I get my entertainment in a video format, hence the idea that I don’t watch television that much anymore (well, except Food Network). I get inspirations from YouTubers on the way they deliver their messages across to their audience, and YouTube has become my online television now.

Uploading My First Ever YouTube Video, Vlogging Plans And Gabriel Conte | Skip The Flip

Uploading My First Ever YouTube Video And Vlogging Plans

I have posted my very first YouTube video on my channel a year ago. It’s an introduction video of my channel. But before going further, the plans to start vlogging (that’s what they call what people do on YouTube) is quite far from my online exposure strategies. I tend to always think that I need to concentrate more on blogging that doing videos. There are a lot of things I need to think about, like:

– The challenging part to start vlogging;
– How much time and money would you invest to start;
– Handling hateful comments and threats;
– Managing both blogging and vlogging; and
– Thinking about What topics to vlog about (or shall I say, content, on social media).

There are some people whom I’ve been following since the first day they started uploading videos on YouTube. So, let’s talk about a very specific YouTuber who has many followers on social media and at the time he started his channel, he was attending university.

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He is Gabriel Conte

Uploading My First Ever YouTube Video, Vlogging Plans And Gabriel Conte | Skip The Flip
[Photo credit:]

From what I originally know, he first started on Vine (that 6-second viral video app that is long gone now). The day he posted his first YouTube video, he already has 500,000 followers on Vine. And by that time, he already has almost 150,000 YouTube followers. As of writing, Gabriel has 1.46 Million.

Back in August 2014, he went to college to take a degree in acting. But I suddenly went to thinking, “How the bloody heck is he going to organize his time and efforts with both school and social media at the very same time?”

No, I Cannot Do That

I have a job. Working as a consultant for Social Media Strategies and Marketing for brands, it takes a lot of time since I always do intensive research on things. Even though I do field work and at home most of the time, it is atrociously fun because I am so into it. But don’t forget that what’s currently in my bag: blogging.

Since 2006, I’ve been doing it and I’ve been overly exposed now to be “the blogger”. Fortunately, blessings conspire in me when I’m doing this and I am loving it. My efforts are slowly paying off. It is, however, also in the works of me establishing my small company, which, again, very critical to share that I am not going to (so sorry).

It’s quite challenging but it’s fun, at least for me. I love writing and blogging is my outlet for my creativity.

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Now, Back To Gabriel

How can Gabriel plan out everything? From acting classes, video shooting and editing, uploading video, I am pretty sure he would mess up. Unfortunately, he dropped out from college. He posted a video on his channel about the challenges and the pressure he has with his job as a social media personality.

He deleted that video on his channel, so I came across this photo of his that might as well sum up what happened.

Uploading My First Ever YouTube Video, Vlogging Plans And Gabriel Conte | Skip The Flip
[Photo credit: Gabriel Conte on YouTube]

As far as I am always aware, vlogging is not yet on my priorities. I once said I won’t be doing it. But I did it anyway. Today, I have uploaded 59 videos of randomness and already reached 119 subscribers. What I am thinking right now is how to keep on uploading videos and create more content for the platform. Surely, it will be on my planner.

Did you know that I just recently celebrated my first year on YouTube? I uploaded a montage of almost all of the adventures into one 10-minute video. If you are going to watch it below, you will notice that, obviously, when I vlog, I always start it with this:

Hi, Friends!

To be more positive with what I am going to do with my YouTube channel, plans of sharing my adventures with friends and family are my concentration. Expect a little less from my family because even though they support what I am doing now, they are not yet ready for being on my videos and having their faces directly centered on them.

Currently, I am happy with what I am doing so far. One of my greatest achievements in doing this YouTube thingy is extending my reach to another set of audience. Being able to tell them and share to them about what I do as a blogger is something to be proud of.

Uploading My First Ever YouTube Video, Vlogging Plans And Gabriel Conte | Skip The Flip

Because of vlogging, I was able to have partnership deals with other brands that I support and showcase them on my content. Compared to Gabriel Conte, I am not as enthusiastic as him, but I am doing my best. As long as I have my supportive family and friends, I can populate my channel with more videos.

Good thing, though, that I have very close friends who also do vlogging. With them around, I won’t be so out of place if ever I would try to film in public because you need to experience that as well.

Final Thoughts

Uploading My First Ever YouTube Video, Vlogging Plans And Gabriel Conte | Skip The Flip

I am not going to give up. Knowing the challenges and the pressure this will take me, as long as I am always motivated to do things and I have a support system to keep me going, I will be alright. I have been blogging over a decade now, so backing up shouldn’t be on my action plan.

By the way, before I wrap up, please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. It means a lot to me. You can do so by clicking the image below. It will take you there, safely.

Uploading My First Ever YouTube Video, Vlogging Plans And Gabriel Conte | Skip The Flip

So, what do you think? Are you going to start your own YouTube channel, too? If you do, please let me know so I can watch your videos. And maybe, just maybe, we can meet someday and do a collaboration (or just sit down over a cup of coffee).

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