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Get Ready To Seal The Deal With Saladbox Man

Get Ready To Seal The Deal With Saladbox Man | Skip The Flip

Saladbox Man's 6th Offering: The Seal The Deal Box

There will always be an inevitable milestone wherein a boy becomes a man. This change from childhood to adulthood can be a ceremonial event like your college graduation or a simple day like being promoted at work or even asking someone out on a date.

Get Ready To Seal The Deal With Saladbox Man | Skip The Flip
Saladbox Man’s 6th Offering: The Seal The Deal Box

Whatever that may be, adulthood tells us to throw out our jeans and sneakers and put on the leather and dapper slacks.

Get Ready To Seal The Deal With Saladbox Man

Bigger opportunities are ahead, gentlemen! That is why Saladbox Man is here to give us all the essentials to help us “seal the deal”.

Nivea Men Whitening Anti-Acne Oil Control Facial Scrub. Manhood means responsibility, and responsibility means work. Don’t let your work drag your down and make sure to keep you face clean with a facial exfoliant from Nivea Men.

Get Ready To Seal The Deal With Saladbox Man | Skip The Flip

This whitening facial scrub is packed with Witanat VitaComplex, a whitening vitamin complex with 10 nutrients, including Whitanat, that is proven to whiten dull and damaged skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots 10 times better than Vitamin C. Micro-scrub beads are also helpful to exfoliate and brighten your skin. Keep your game face on with Nivea Men.

Nivea Men 48-Hour Invisible Deodorant. You may be that “work hard, party harder” kind of guy. With your active lifestyle comes sweat and dirt.

Get Ready To Seal The Deal With Saladbox Man | Skip The Flip

Dress to impress at your next meeting and party the night away with this deodorant from Nivea Men. It has ingredients to prevent yellow stains on white clothes and white stains on yellow clothes. Avoid staining now with Nivea Men’s 48-hour Invisible Deodorant.

Farmstay Snail Repair Cream. The more we spend our days out, the more our skin gets dull and damaged. Even men in their 20s are prone to premature skin aging and darkening due to harmful rays of the sun. Bring back your youthful self with Farmstay’s Snail Repair Cream. This night cream also has properties to brighten your skin. Be as youthful as before with Farmstay.

En Pierre Luxury Bracelet For Men. Every man needs an accessory. Whether a nice pair of shades or a classic steel watch, the bling always makes the man. Level up your style with a bracelet from En Pierre. This bracelet adds a touch of class to your everyday wardrobe. Level up your style with En Pierre.

Get Ready To Seal The Deal With Saladbox Man | Skip The Flip

Stylex Styling Hair Gel. Part of every man’s personality is his hair. Either long and messy or clean and neat, give your hair a boost with Stylex Styling Gel. This gel provides a strong hold for all hair styles, be it a modern quiff or a classic pompadour.

Blackwater Body Spray. Most of us live an active lifestyle. From work to home to leisure, we try to look our best all the time, and that includes our scent. Hence, men like us need a body spray that will match our active lifestyle. Blackwater Body Spray has the scent fit for every man: for the gym buff or for the classy gent on a night out. Smell good, and feel good always.

Get Ready To Seal The Deal With Saladbox Man | Skip The Flip

Cebu Pacific GetGo Card. Guys like us who are always on the go to travel need this. Let’s all go on a trip, enjoy and repeat with a GetGo card. This lifestyle rewards card lets you earn points every time you fly with Cebu Pacific. CebGo, or make a purchase with any of Cebu Pacific’s affiliated stores. Go out and get flying with GetGo card from Cebu Pacific.

BlinQ Sunglasses. Form and function are two reasons why sunglasses are such a popular item. It gives a bold statement and protection at the same time. A pair of BlinQ Sunglasses gives you a stylish edge amongst other men while providing UV protection from the sun. Keep your precious eyes on the prize with BlinQ.

Get Ready To Seal The Deal With Saladbox Man | Skip The Flip

There’s More To Seal The Deal!

Since Saladbox Man knows that every man needs a best bud, they are offering a second box for free when you subscribe for one year. That’s two subscriptions in one price! Hurry, the offer is only available to the first 50 subscribers. So, go out and #SealTheDeal with Saladbox Man now!

Check out the Saladbox subscriptions on their website. Subscriptions are available in Duo, Starter and Patriot.

Let’s all bring back the dapper in every man! Follow Saladbox Man on Facebook and Instagram today for more exciting grooming and style items from amazing brands.

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