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The Ice Cream Ultimate Taste Test at Aysken D’Han in Cebu

The Ultimate Ice Cream Taste Test in Lapu-Lapu City | Skip The Flip

These are so good I can't cope. (From left to right, top to bottom): Spicy Choco Fudge, Lemon Sherbet, Green Tea, Choco Peppermind, and Strawberry)

Don’t be confused if I’m going to tell you that I have had the best ice cream taste test from an “ice candy” place in Lapu-Lapu City in Cebu. On a very rainy Sunday, my blogger friends, the #bloggerkigwas, and I went to a gastronomic adventure to sample different flavors of ice cream. To note, the ice cream that Aysken D’Han serves is organically-made, and well, the ice cream flavors are designer ice cream.

The Ice Cream Ultimate Taste Test at Aysken D'Han in Cebu | Skip The Flip
By the looks of this mural near the entrance door, I can guarantee that you will love it here.

Crate-Like Design, Gardens, and Louvre-Inspired Chairs

Originally an ice candy (popsicle) place, Aysken D’Han elevated the delectable serving that they provide to their customers. From the simple popsicle sticks, which, by the way, they still sell for ₱15.00 each, now added premium flavored, organic ice cream with special ingredients all the way from foreign countries like Switzerland, Turkey, and many other places where they can source the best ingredients for their ice cream.

When we arrived there at the store, to my pleasant surprise, the place fashions a crate-like exterior, surrounded by Bermuda grass and cobbled stones. The outdoor concept alone was relaxing to look at, with a little hint of lights from the lamp posts, and the metal Louvre chairs accentuate the shop.

The Ice Cream Ultimate Taste Test at Aysken D'Han in Cebu | Skip The Flip
The cement benches added a minimal touch and the crate-like railings are fancy.
The Ice Cream Ultimate Taste Test at Aysken D'Han in Cebu | Skip The Flip
Regardless of the rain when we visited there, the place is still pristine.

The inside is as cozy as what you can see from the outside. The almost all-glass shop gives you a clear view of the counter area and the brick wall backdrop. The metal figurines and the white accent of the beams and frames add the sophisticated aura to the store itself.

Since they sell ice cream, expect that the interior is as cold as a freezer (but of course, the kind of cold you can tolerate), and the surrounding is spick and span as they aim to give an impression to serve the best, all natural flavor, and organic designer ice cream that you can get from this humbling place.

The Ice Cream Ultimate Taste Test at Aysken D'Han in Cebu | Skip The Flip
The feels of the brick wall is giving and the jars and canisters at the counter.

Aysken D’Han recently opened this year, in April, and they are located at Suba-Basbas, Lapu-Lapu City, a few minutes away from Nissi Academy International.

The Ice Cream Ultimate Taste Test at Aysken D’Han

Before we move further to the best part of this gastronomy with my friends, here’s a bicycle metal figurine, one of the decors that if I can bring this at home, I definitely will.

The Ice Cream Ultimate Taste Test at Aysken D'Han in Cebu | Skip The Flip
Can I take you home with me, please?

Be reminded that the ice cream flavors I am going to feature here might not be available during your visit. It’s either they have changed the menu, or, as we were told, they only use the ingredients that are in season or available in the market.

If you are wondering why they are called “designer ice cream”, well, first thing, they serve premium class ice cream and ingredients are all natural. Their take is unique, and flavors are new and unusual but still palatable. My blogger friends and I were able to test eight (8) different kinds of flavors that range from best selling, vegan and vegetarian-friendly, for the health conscious and the adventurous.

The Ice Cream Ultimate Taste Test at Aysken D'Han in Cebu | Skip The Flip
These are so good I can’t cope. (From left to right, top to bottom): Spicy Choco Fudge, Lemon Sherbet, Green Tea, Choco Peppermint, and Strawberry)

Flavors, Flavors, And More Flavors

Because I love green tea, of course, my top choice is the Green Tea ice cream. Dark chocolate is my thing, too. Then, the Dark Tequila (with alcohol) and Spicy Choco Fudge are next on my list. I didn’t expect that banana can be an amazing flavor for an ice cream. So, the Banana Rum Raisin ice cream comes next.

The Rose Tequila ended on my top 5 favorites. The flavor of the alcohol is really there and it is very familiar (I am in the right age to drink, so don’t bash me) and I am as curious as to how the name “Rose” ended up on the ice cream. Does it contain rose water or it is because of the color?

Here are the flavors of ice cream we have tried and tested (arranged in descending order according to my preference):

– Green Tea
– Dark Tequila
– Spicy Choco Fudge
– Banana Rum Raisin
– Rose Tequila
– Choco Peppermint
– Strawberry
– Lemon Sherbet

The Ice Cream Ultimate Taste Test at Aysken D'Han in Cebu | Skip The Flip
For the little pinch of adventure (ice cream with alcohol): Tequila Rose, Banana Rum Raisin, and Dark Tequila)

My Final Recommendation

I highly recommend that you go and try the designer ice cream at Aysken D’Han. It’s not only that they serve the premium-tasting, and organically-crafted flavors for an ice cream, it’s also something new. Aside from the fact that the overall ambiance is so pleasant and relaxing, it’s also a good place to hang with your close friends.

If only it wasn’t raining during our finish, we should have had OOTDs at their garden. That’s for sure.

Should you wish to know the prices, available flavors or you want to get in touch with them, follow Aysken D’Han on Facebook to check their menu and other food they serve (they have got grilled sandwiches and nachos, too).

I would like to thank the management of Aysken D’Han for inviting us to drop by their place and experience this amazing opportunity to taste test their ice cream. I can’t wait to be back when I have engagements in Lapu-Lapu City in the future.

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