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Jet 7 Bistro Diner: A New Diner That Feels Like Home

Urban life nowadays can be very demanding and, most of the time, stressful. Our career eats up a huge portion of our schedule and these days, nothing can be more important than a work-life balance in its true sense.

Jet 7 Bistro Diner: A New Diner That Feels Like Home | Skip The Flip
[Photo credit: Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash]

It has been said, time immemorial that spending time with family, the people you care for, is time well spent and won’t ever regret doing. Of course, it helps to spend it in a place that feels like home when you’re actually outside your home.

Jet 7 Bistro Diner In Timog Avenue, Quezon City

Well, here’s good news! There will be a new diner in town that feels just like that – Jet 7 Bistro Diner, a place that gives the same comfort you always long for while trying to make past from a grueling week in school or in the office. It will re-open this October, located along Timog Avenue, Quezon City, serving organic and gluten-free comfort food choices (moms will surely approve of) and will certainly tickle everyone’s taste buds.

Best of all, these offerings are very affordable, perfect for family bonding time.

Jet 7 Bistro Diner: A New Diner That Feels Like Home | Skip The Flip
Remember how Jet 7 Bistro looked like before? [Photo credit: yedylicious of]

Not Just One Of Those Restaurants

To make a distinct mark and not be “just one-of-those-restaurants”, Jet 7 Bistro needed fresh ideas, making guests have a unique dining experience that they will not get anywhere else. With a lot of love and careful planning, headed by one of its new owners, Jet 7 Bistro will soon open to serve heavenly dishes prepared by its new Executive Chef, Rowell Gomez, and his team.

Jet 7 Bistro Diner: A New Diner That Feels Like Home | Skip The Flip
Chef Rowell Gomez and his team [Photo credit: Shampoo Padilla]

Chef Rowell used to be part of Casino Español and Plantation Bay in Cebu. Prior to that, he traveled the world preparing hearty dishes for VIPs in Abu Dhabi, Switzerland, France, Morocco, UK, and Africa. Imagine comfort food with a healthy twist! All Instagram worthy of course.

New Look, Good Old Place

Aside from that, the new Jet 7 Bistro Diner will also have a “new look” that will make guests feel very comfortable and “at home” the moment they step in.

Some qualities, which former patrons loved, will still be intact, like the restaurant’s accessibility and impeccable service. With all of these welcome changes, the new diner surely is a must try.

Whether you choose to reminisce old memories with your family or create new ones with friends, this place is for you. It’s time to make catching up and letting new stories unfold more special at Jet 7 Bistro Diner, where it definitely feels like home.

Jet 7 Bistro Diner: A New Diner That Feels Like Home | Skip The Flip
[Photocredit: ANDRIK ↟ LANGFIELD ↟ PETRIDES on Unsplash]

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