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Lunar Flowers: An Amazing And Beautiful Puzzle Mobile Game

Lunar Flowers: An Amazing And Beautiful Puzzle Mobile Game | Skip The Flip

An app that can truly awaken your emotional and artistic sense through playing this mobile game. Lunar Flowers is developed by NetEase Games, where you will be brought to a simple yet gorgeous adventure of a young princess who wants to fulfill her dreams to go to the moon with the help of the Lunar Flowers.

Lunar Flowers: An Amazing And Beautiful Puzzle Mobile Game | Skip The Flip

Lunar Flowers: An Amazing And Beautiful Puzzle Mobile Game

The game is very true to its description, “An atmospheric puzzle game that’s as delicate as it is demanding.” An easy to control smartphone game app for iOS devices, the Lunar Flowers game introduces you to a much amazing and beautiful adventure that is filled with top notch graphics, relaxing soundtrack and with a quite challenging gameplay.

As I tried to dive into this adventure game over the past weekend, there are specific things that I think would entice you to also try and have it a go.

The Graphics Are Mind Blowing

Lunar Flowers: An Amazing And Beautiful Puzzle Mobile Game | Skip The Flip

The images are so beautiful every angle of each game chapter (once snapped for a screenshot) is so deserving to become your next screen wallpaper.

Best played on a wider-screened device (like an iPad), Lunar Flowers will definitely take your breath away as to how clear the details are on the graphics. Even though the majority of the screens are set at night time, the color and the effects are just stunning. Not to mention the schemes in color, shades, as well as the depth of the colors in the background, this game is an art.

The Music Is As Relaxing As The Flowing River

From hearing the background music, it is most likely Asian-inspired instrumentation of strings, chimes and some added sound effects like the footsteps and the wind blowing. When you are playing this game, you are like witnessing the most tear-jerking part from a Korean drama or a very deep love story from a Chinese movie.

Lunar Flowers: An Amazing And Beautiful Puzzle Mobile Game | Skip The Flip

Set the volume to the maximum and you will feel the vibration on your device made out of the chimes and the strumming of the whatever string instrument they have used to accompany the already beautiful graphics. Every scene can heighten because of the soundtrack, and the good-feel music can carry you to the emotions of the game.

Play With Strategy And Good Logic

If you love mind games, Lunar Flowers will feed your hunger for it. The game is played by swiping the Lunar Flowers popping up at the center of your screen where you need to decipher patterns. The tricky part of this gameplay is that some patterns are scattered in the surroundings and you should discover those clues to move on to the next part of the story or even to proceed to the next chapter of the game.

Lunar Flowers: An Amazing And Beautiful Puzzle Mobile Game | Skip The Flip

You need to challenge yourself to look for the hidden pieces of the clue. This game will let you wonder what to do next but honestly, the instructions are just there under your nose. If you like taking tests like if A and B is C, then what is D, this game is for you.

You need to also mind that you need to fight against time as some parts of the gameplay are time bounded and you need to be quicker as you think you should be. This is an exciting game to play.

The Game Is Like A Movie

You will get mesmerized by the fact that Lunar Flowers is not just a puzzle game. If you continue on playing, you will realize the structure of its story. Solve every puzzle to build the staircases going to the moon, fight an imaginary evil to rebuild the princess’ dream, play against time and solve the mysteries to go to the next level.

Lunar Flowers: An Amazing And Beautiful Puzzle Mobile Game | Skip The Flip

You get to ride on a small boat to cross a dreamy sea and even ride a flying dragon until to reach the climax of the story where the little princess will fulfill her one dream. But it depends on how good you play the game and how quick you are to trigger the light against dark.

This game is a story about good versus evil after all.

Lunar Flowers: The Conclusion

Ride a dragon, drift across the gentle sea, climb a stairway to the heavens — follow the fairies and experience a marvelous journey through a fantastic moonlit world. Help the princess complete challenges and explore a magical dream filled with mysteries and wonder.

Lunar Flowers: An Amazing And Beautiful Puzzle Mobile Game | Skip The Flip

If you like relaxing music, intriguing gameplay, articulately neat and pretty illustrations, and of course, the game is absolutely FREE on the Apple App Store, so, this game is rightfully yours to play and spend time.

The Lunar Flowers game is currently available only to iOS devices. If you own an iPhone or an iPad, you can download it from the Apple App Store.

Try playing Lunar Flowers and share your experience. Leave your story in the comment section below and let me know what you think about the game. On the other hand, if you are into mobile games and you also wish me to try it myself, leave the titles below and I will give them a shot.

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