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How To Be More Productive For Your Blogging Using An iPad

How To Be More Productive For Your Blogging Using An iPad | Skip The Flip

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Blogging can be a hard day’s work full of planning and writing. Not to forget to consider the things you need for your blog in order to make the best out of your web content, blogging can be exhausting if it’s not planned out well.

How To Be More Productive For Your Blogging Using An iPad | Skip The Flip

Be More Productive For Your Blogging

Aside from the essential gadgets that I have discussed in my previous post, like a USB flash drive and hub ports, there are other things that can help you be more productive for your blogging. If you have an electronic device called an iPad, it can definitely help you out with blogging work.

Let’s say you are using your desktop or a laptop like a MacBook, and you are utilizing a lot of tools: a web browser to open your WordPress dashboard, get information on Google, and more, for you to get you going with everything you need to come up with your next viral-worthy blog post. But sometimes, the single screen of your laptop can be crowded with those tools.

I’ve been struggling with that, too. That is why I’ve been looking for that right tool online to address that challenge. It has been weeks and I haven’t found anything until I’ve learned about an application and it helps loads of my productivity and publishing my entries on my blog.

Duet Display: The App For Productivity

Yes, you have heard it right. An app called Duet Display has been getting me in shape with my blogs. What it does is giving you another screen to work with a laptop or a desktop. Yes, with blogging, space is everything.

How To Be More Productive For Your Blogging Using An iPad | Skip The Flip
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Duet Display is the first app that allows you to use your iDevice as an extra display for your Mac using the Lightning or 30-pin cable (depending on the iPad version you have). It gives you extra space to work with your blog or anything that you are planning to do on your laptop.

This app is much faster than any other available tools since it is directly connecting your laptop display to the iPad, not via WiFi or an Internet connection. It is connected via the Lightning cable or the 30-pin cord for charging your Apple device.

How Am I Using Duet Display?

While I’m writing this post, I am also replying to a lot of emails on my Thunderbird email client. And not only that, I am watching a TV series (it’s “Once Upon A Time” if you want to know) on iflix. Displaying other apps on the secondary screen eliminates disruption to my workflow.

Duet Display can work on both Mac and Windows as your first display. For an app that costs $15 (sometimes $10 when it’s on sale), is quite excessive. However, the advantages it can give you with your work can make this app worth the money. It’s fast, too, so purchasing Duet Display is much cheaper than getting an additional display for occasional use (not to mention how hard it would be to travel with one).

Here’s a video that can give you more details about what Duet Display can help you and the benefits it can provide.

Buy the Duet Display app on App Store and get the most out of it for improving your work and be productive. Click the button below to send you to App Store.

You can use the touchscreen of your iPad when connected with Duet Display and stay productive. There’s also no need to worry about unreliable Wi-Fi, laggy performance, pixelated screens or managing network passwords.

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If you think that Duet Display can give you the space you need to improve your productivity on your blogging work, you download the app now and do more things while still enjoy other things with your laptop and your iPad.

Don’t forget to share this post if you like it or if you have friends who need the benefits of the Duet Display app. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates and random stuff about me and this blog. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more exciting adventures.

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