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My Skincare Regimen With Kevlo MW Soap

My Skincare Regimen With Kevlo MW Soap | Skip The Flip

I usually become religious to things when they give positive effects to my well-being. May it be a drink, a cologne, an accessory, a body and skincare product or anything. I don’t get easily enticed with advertisements that I saw on television or hear on the radio. I try it first, then observe. I guess that’s how a meticulous consumer is all about: so much into details, so much into assurance.

My Skincare Regimen With Kevlo MW Soap | Skip The Flip

My Skincare Regimen With Kevlo MW Soap

If I post a product here on my blog, it means one thing: I use it and I agree with it. That is why I am confident to tell about this product I saw on Facebook which I am very excited to share with you. It’s called Kevlo MW Soap from Kevlo Skinceuticals, Inc. And it looks yummy, even though we all know it’s a soap. Again, check the photo above.

Activated Charcoal

Without looking at the box where we can find the primary components of the product, I am so sure that the black one is either licorice or charcoal. I have been using activated charcoal soap before because of its benefits:

– Eliminates and fights odor (we put charcoal inside our fridge to get rid of the bad smell, right?)
– Absorbs skin pores and draws out dirt and facial oil
– Dries out acne and frees clogged pores that cause pimples
– Reduces skin pigmentation
– Provides smoothness on the skin without drying it out

Thanks to my mom who is also my exclusive, personal “skin doctor” at home! She’s the one who always brings home weird-looking bath soaps and let me try them out. Like the calamansi and carrot soap? They look yummy, too. Let’s move on.

What I like about bath soaps with activated charcoal is its capability to reduce pigmentation on the skin. As someone who has freckles on the face and hands, that’s me, I directly assume that those spots are all freckles. But when I use soaps with this specific ingredient, my “true” freckles at the back of my hands and below my eyes (near the cheeks) show up and those that went away are just dark spots due to too much exposure from sunlight.

But the thing is, though, my freckles are very expressive sometimes especially when I go out and become so pronounced they are very obvious. I don’t mind. I’m getting used to having them anyway.

Fruit Seeds and Oil

Fruit extracts and oil on skin care products are both for detoxification and anti-oxidation. They bring back natural elements to refresh your skin from too much stress, and population from the surroundings. The seeds, when dried, can be helpful ingredients that serve as the exfoliation element, which is good for rubbing off dead cells and outer layer skins. Also, include dirt and excess oil. You will not like them as they tend to build up and cause acne, pimples, whiteheads and blackheads.

If you check the MW soap, it has Pomegranate and Cherry beads, and natural fruit oils. They are all good for the skin.

Glutathione and Skin Whiteners

To have fairer skin complexion, I use soaps with Glutathione and skin whitening agents. Kevlo MW soaps have them. It’s good if you have dark elbows, neck and other parts of the body that need to be even out. So, I recommend regular use of bath soaps with Glutathione.

The whitening element of Kevlo MW soap does not only brighten your skin, it also helps in balancing uneven skin tone. This will be good if you have patches of darkened color from minor scratches. Glutathione also serves as a “master antioxidant” to prevent the skin from aging caused by toxins.

The Smell And How The Soap Lasts

The smell (wait, I need to go to the bathroom and check), it does not have that exaggerating smell. Actually, it doesn’t smell at all. Well, comparing it to other soaps that contain medicine or something, the Kevlo MW Soap is all natural and locally made.

Now, the soap is almost half its size (thickness). I am guessing it will still last until next week or it would really depend on how often you use it or how long you expose it to water. I have a soap dish with holes at the bottom and I place it away from the shower head and faucet. I can say it really depends on the use.

How Is It So Far

I’ve been using Kevlo MW Soap for a year now from the day of writing this post. So far, I can see that my face becomes less oily. It feels smooth, not shiny, and my freckles start to show up again. Those are good signs for me. I use it twice a day: apply it on my face and body during the day while taking a bath before going to work, and washing my face before going to bed. (My mom will love me for this).

At first use, you will feel uncomfortable because of the fruit beads present on the soap. So what I did was lather the soap on my hand and layer my face with it, as well as my body. But on the next succeeding days, I rub the soap directly as I am already immune to the somehow ticklish feeling on my skin.

I sweat out a lot, most especially when it’s very humid or I’m under a hot weather. But when I dry myself, I can still feel the smoothness of my face, shoulders, and arms. That’s because of using the soap regularly.

Made Locally

Kevlo Skinceuticals, Inc. is located at Landing, Liloan, Cebu City, Philippines. You can check the Kevlo Skinceuticals, Inc. Facebook Page for more details about the Kevlo MW Soap and other offered products.

If you’re near or at the central downtown, they also have an authorized product distributor, Kelvo Skinceuticals Shop, located at Unit 2 Josefa Arcade, Sergio Lim Bldg., Gen. Maxilom Avenue, 6000 Cebu City, Philippines. You can visit the physical shop or contact them through these mobile numbers: (+63) 932 8577604 or (+63) 933 4332022.

You can also check and message Kevlo Skinceuticals Shop on Facebook for further information. They ship within the Philippines and worldwide.

They also have a Kevlo Skin Clinic located at the 2nd Level of Bonifacio District, F. Cabahug Street, Panagdait, Cebu City (across Citi Park Hotel).

My Last Say

I will keep using Kevlo MW Soap and I would recommend it to everyone who wants to have a healthy and beautiful looking skin. This product can be used for both men and women (that’s what the MW tells us), and with its affordable price of ₱155.00 (around US$3) per bar, it can be ideal for regular daily usage. It can be great as a gift to family and friends, too.

To note, the effects of the product depends on your skin condition. You need to check first the packaging for any ingredient that you are not confident or you are prohibited to use. I’ve been using soaps with these ingredients so I am very much compatible with the Kevlo MW Soap. I recommend you to first consult your dermatologist and talk to them about you trying products like this. It’s better that way than complicate things.

What do you think about this product? Do you want to try this, too? Please leave your ideas in the comments section below.

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