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Papernotes Customized Notebooks

Papernotes Customized Notebooks | Skip The Flip

They always say that the pen is stronger than the sword. Well, unless you have the most amazing notebook. Best of all, customized notebooks of your favorite color and with your name embossed on them. With Papernotes, you can get your notebooks personalized.

Papernotes Customized Notebooks | Skip The Flip

Papernotes Customized Notebooks

They carry to describe their line of notebooks as created with form and function. Papernotes was made possible for the existence of all writing enthusiast. Their designs are inspired by a point of view of purity and simplicity. However, they never neglect the striking essence of its design, practicality, and comfort of use. They crafted their products by providing all the necessary features without compromising outstanding writing experience.

You can definitely enjoy the beauty of every Papernotes notebook and appreciate its durability and purpose.

Personalize The Writing Experience

Papernotes Customized Notebooks | Skip The Flip

There are five (5) things I appreciate about my customized Papernotes notebook. Aside from the fact that I was able to get a limited edition customization of my notebook with my brand logo on it, other sections must also take into consideration and mention.

1) Notebook Cover

The one thing that I love about this notebook is its front and back cover. If this is leather, it’s amazing. But I am not sure if it is. So, let’s just say it’s leatherette. No matter, it still does look and feel good. Available in many different colors to choose from, Papernotes notebooks are not easy to tear because of its skin.

Papernotes Customized Notebooks | Skip The Flip

2) Color

The Papernotes notebooks are available in different color tones: Sky Light Blue, Crimson Red, Sunkist Orange, Mint Teal, Blush Pink, Leaf Apple Green, Ghost White, Denim Blue, Coffee Brown, and Carbon Black. With the many hues available, you can’t miss choosing your favorite color. But if you can one of each, it’s a very nice collection of color-coded notebooks for school, work, or for personal use.

3) Elastic Closure And Gartered Pen Holder

Aside from the bound, the elastic closure is fixed to keep your notebook intact and protection from folding, as well as the gartered pen holder, are very practical and useful. It also has double bookmark ribbons and back pocket to insert small important documents or anything you need to bring along with the notebook.

It has many components with practical usage. Considering these won’t let you not think of another notebook brand, most especially for the more expensive one.

Papernotes Customized Notebooks | Skip The Flip

4) Price

For the base price of ₱299.00 per notebook, it’s the best-priced personalized notebooks available. Considering that you can have it customized, spending that amount of money can save you a lot and get another one of the same or different color.

5) Availability

It can be purchased locality in the Philippines. The brand is currently available in stationary shops and school supplies stores in Manila. They can also ship your orders anywhere in the Philippines or order online from Lazada.

Papernotes Customized Notebooks | Skip The Flip

Other Details

– 128x206mm
– 80 sheets (160 pages)
– Ruled or blank sheets
– Perforated last 20 sheets
– 100gsm woodfree paper
– Smyth sewn binding

Selling their products since 2013, Papernotes is indeed an incredible brand for journals and customized notebooks.

To order your own customized notebook from Papernotes, visit their website or send them a private message on their Facebook Page.

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