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What Really Happened At Cebu Creators Day

What Really Happened At Cebu Creators Day | Skip The Flip

As I always say on this blog, blogging can be both fun and frustrating. The fun part is knowing that you are starting to get readers to actually read your work online and also follow you on social media. Unfortunately, the frustrating part can be the opposite or know that you are running out of ideas.

What Really Happened At Cebu Creators Day | Skip The Flip

Last October 21, 2017, the Cebu Content Creators, an organization in Cebu for social media and content creation, launched the first-ever Cebu Creators Day. It’s a one-day event where aspiring bloggers, video creators, and social media enthusiasts gather to meet fellow creators and also learn from the experiences of other content creators.

What Really Happened At Cebu Creators Day

It was a joint event of the Google Business Group Cebu and Cebu Content Creators, and the event was held at the Activity Area of Robinsons Fuente. The 5-hour program consisted of talks from different social media influencers and content creators using different platforms.

CJ Estrada, which you all know by now is a very close friend of mine (you can search him everywhere on this blog), kicked off the convention talking about filming a video for YouTube only using a smartphone. He uploads his video on his YouTube channel on his travel adventures and other social events.

What Really Happened At Cebu Creators Day | Skip The Flip

You can also check my videos where we went together for a summer escapade in General Santos City and South Cotabato. Click here for the playlist.

Other speakers like Jullian Sibi, a blogger on Tech, discussed the challenges of a blogger with a Tech niche. He also presented the stereotyping of bloggers as well as the ups and downs of getting a scoop on technology to blog about since it’s an expensive niche to embrace.

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What Really Happened At Cebu Creators Day | Skip The Flip

One of the guest speakers, Issa Perez was also there and talked about using social media as an avenue to showcase your creativity. Being the first Cebuano to be lined up for the International Podcasting Day, Issa is very familiar with live streaming sessions, which she is doing regularly every Sunday at 10 PM (PST) on his Facebook Page. On her talk were thorough insights of content creators on social media etiquette and basic practices.

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Andrew “Doyzkie” Buenaviaje, another guest speaker, was also present to talk about setting your goals and knowing your purpose on blogging. As the founder of his own blog and founder of a non-profit charitable institution, iLearners, he was able to use social media and his online work to promote literacy for children in Cebu.

What Really Happened At Cebu Creators Day | Skip The Flip

What Really Happened At Cebu Creators Day | Skip The Flip

The discussion was wrapped up with Rome Nicolas, the chairperson of Cebu Content Creators and Community Co-Manager Of Google Business Group Cebu. He discussed on the relevance of social media and content creators in helping local businesses in terms of promotions and growth.

During the event, the speakers and sponsors have had social media contests where participants post photos on Instagram and Facebook and share what they have learned during the Cebu Creators Day. The program ended with all the speakers and participants having a photo together.

Watch this short video on some parts of what happened during the said program.

As one of the facilitators of the Cebu Creators Day, I was tasked to give an introduction to formally open the program. I was able to meet new friends who are aspiring content creators and also those who are growing their online content on their blogs and YouTube channels.

The event was successful and it was fun meeting new people.

If you are interested in joining future events from Cebu Content Creators, check for more details.

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