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Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2017: A Finalist (Now, That Is Sick!)

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2017: A Finalist (Now, That Is Sick! ) | Skip The Flip

The Best Cebu Blogs Awards is yet again to recognize promising bloggers in the province of Cebu. Every year, Cebu’s award-giving body for bloggers and influencers would gather all nominated individuals for internal screening. On October 25, 2017, they have announced the finalists for this year’s awards.

With that said, I am very pleased to announce that our blog, is one of them.

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2017: A Finalist (Now, That Is Sick! ) | Skip The Flip

The Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2017: Phases, Partners, And Sponsors

Bloggers all over the Cebu province were called for the nomination that was opened last September 30, 2017. The application was opened to all where people nominate their favorite Cebu bloggers and influencers as BCBA will be awarding Top Cebu Bloggers in different niches.

Enlisted are bloggers from different niches: Events and Entertainment, Food, Personal, Photo, Style, Technology, and Travel. Another category is added on the list this year: Video, an award given to video creators on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. This edition of BCBA, our blog of almost two years is under the Personal category. The nomination was closed on October 21.

Starting October 29, the panel of judges evaluated all finalists following the set of criteria for judging. Four judges from Cebu, Manila, and Davao, who are top notch bloggers themselves, were lined up to evaluate the successful entries. They are Nancy Cudis (Cebu), Ria Jose (Davao), Rod Magaru (Manila), and Mervin Marasigan (Manila). November 17, 2017, marks the end of the judging phase.

The Cebu Parklane International Hotel, the official partner of the Best Cebu Blogs Awards, will be the venue for the said event. It is co-presented by PLDT Home and Megaworld Corporation. The Gold sponsors are Oppo, Jollibee, and Greenwich Philippines. Krispy Kreme Philippines, Starbucks Philippines, and Memoriter Writing Services are the Bronze sponsors for the said program.

Cebu Bloggers Society, one of the leading blogging organizations in Cebu, is the official Media Partner, while Alvin Asayas Photography and ChoiXP are the official photography, and graphics and video partners, respectively. Other partners are Cebu Fitness Blog, FaceCebu.Net, and Geemiz: Accounting Blog.

BCBA: A Decade Of Recognizing Excellence

Each of the finalists was personally invited by the organization to be present during the 10th Best Cebu Blogs Awards Night. Deutche Atil Mark Melendres Monta, Founder of the Cebu Bloggers Society, is the Overall Chairman of the Best Cebu Blogs Awards.

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2017: A Finalist (Now, That Is Sick! ) | Skip The Flip
Mark Monta during last year’s BCBA.

Being the only award-giving body for bloggers and influencers in Cebu, the Best Cebu Blogs Awards will be a culmination of gathering for all online writers and content creators to a night of camaraderie and sharing. Done annually before every year would end, the BCBA is also an avenue for new bloggers to be introduced to the existing circle.

Undeniably one of the most anticipated events in Cebu, the organizers are currently preparing for the big night on December 3, 2017.

Blogs As Platform In Promoting Cebu

Bloggers in Cebu are encouraged to have a central goal of helping in the promotion of Cebu through this format. With undying determination and optimism, the concept of the Best Cebu Blogs Awards was conceived for this purpose to assist content creators and influencers in providing reliable information in conveying positive message both offline and online.

Learning from other bloggers and influencers is one of the pushing factors of the organization for others to practice. As an entity that exists to acknowledge the best of the best in Cebu, BCBA has maintained its center to be the governing body for Cebu bloggers to be given exposure not just in Cebu but as far-reaching as beyond the region.

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Old and new bloggers alike aim to grow their audience and online presence. Through BCBA and its efforts to provide these needs, they are constantly aiming to keep the goal intact in making the blogs as formats to promoting the beauty of the island of Cebu, as well as to these bloggers with their contributions to the success of this goal through this amazing event.

Going forward, the Best Cebu Blogs Awards, and its 10th-anniversary celebration, this year is going to be a big one.

SkipTheFlip Is A Finalist. Now, That Is Sick!

Savoring this wonderful opportunity given to me as a blogger, I couldn’t achieve to be where am I now without the continued support of my readers and followers. Therefore, before I end this blog post, I would like to make this space to thank them for the great things that they have done for me and for this blog.

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2017: A Finalist (Now, That Is Sick! ) | Skip The Flip

Always positive and forever grateful to everyone, I am so happy that this little blog of mine has somehow helped aspiring bloggers to be motivated to start a new hobby. Writing is a beautiful thing. It is another form of art where creativity can and will flourish. I have nothing to say but thank you, my readers and followers, for always reading my blog posts and find time to visit this room where I express my thoughts and share my experience.

Without your clicks and scrolls, I wouldn’t have gone near to where I am now as a blogger and an influencer.

Good Luck And Congratulations!

A short shout out to all my fellow nominees and finalists for the Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2017. To my fellow content creators and influencers who feel the same way as I did: keep going. Win or lose, be positive. Make this opportunity something that is worth remembering.

Rest assured that may it be tiring or time-consuming, keep on blogging.

Dedicating this specific blog post to those who read my blog. To God, and my family back home in General Santos City, thank you. My gratitude to the Cebu Content Creators, my online ninjas, and most of all, to the #BloggerKigwas.

So excited for this event and see you at the Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2017!

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