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The Year That Was… Thank You, 2016

The Year That Was... Thank You, 2016 | Skip The Flip

We started the year right, and we made the right choice. It’s another fresh year and I will never forget all of you who made 2016 a year worth remembering.

The Year That Was... Thank You, 2016 | Skip The Flip

I Thank The Old Year 2016

A lot of things had happened in the past year. The year that was 2016 went very well with me, and I hope it did with you, too. Even though there were downfalls and failures, I am still thankful of what I have achieved and gained.

This post is dedicated to the people who were and still are on my side through ups and downs of my life, both offline and online. And I would like to say thank you to them for the most wonderful 365 days last year. I am also thankful for the wonderful experiences in the past and what will come ahead of me.

I Thank My Family

The Year That Was... Thank You, 2016 | Skip The Flip

As the famous saying goes, “No matter what happens, family comes first.” I am very thankful for the understanding and for the support my family gave me all year round. My blogging might sound strange to them and very unusual (since I am the only active blogger in the family), my family as my support group is very considerate and open-minded about this part of my life.

They are more accepting of the idea why I always need to have an Internet connection and the need for me to always use my laptop whenever I have my short vacation back home. For me, blogging is life and family is life, too. Combining them together in harmonious balance is a great thing for me personally.

I Thank A Blogger Friend

The kind of friends who are very influential for me in 2016 are those friends who share the same interest as mine. Competition is tight in blogging, however, I am very positive about these people who are there who encourage me to always keep on going and continue to do the things I love: writing and blogging.

Here is one blogger friend I want to say “thank you” because, in times of diversity and competition in blogging, there is still the spark of positivity and enthusiasm.

The Year That Was... Thank You, 2016 | Skip The Flip

Let’s just say we became friends since 2010. Aside from sharing the same name as another and calling each other “sangay” (or a namesake), our very solemn space is the Facebook Messenger. We always make fun about this crazy world of blogging and that’s what I like about him as a friend.

His work on his blog,, and his other websites will give you the impression that he is devoted and serious about what he’s doing regardless of how far he had reached as a brand endorser and a social media influencer.

I Thank The New Year 2017

The Year That Was... Thank You, 2016 | Skip The Flip

I am thankful for the new year for coming in smoothly and on the right moment. There were many challenges last year and 2017 arriving, it calls for a reset for a much greater start.

Gone with the old, in with the new. I hope and pray that 2017 will be exciting and fun, kind and bright.

I Thank Most Of All

I will never forget to thank the Lord for everything He has given me.

And of course, I am thankful to those who are reading this because it simply means that you are very supportive to what I love and reaching this far is more than what I am asking from you. Please continue your unending support until the very end.

How about you? Who do you want to thank this Christmas? Share your story and let us build a very grateful world.

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If you haven’t submitted your entry yet, today is the best time to do that and be thankful. Check the poster for more details.

The Year That Was... Thank You, 2016 | Skip The Flip

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