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Visibility Is The Ultimate Step On How To Become A Top-Performing Influencer

Visibility is the ultimate first step to become a top-performing influencer. | Skip The Flip

What I am going to write is, I hope that you can find a comprehensive guide to being what you consider to be a top-level influencer, a supplement to the last guide to getting involved with influencer marketing as one of the ways to earn from your content. Let us consider the first step in becoming a top-performing influencer online: visibility.

A comprehensive guide to being what you consider to be a top-level influencer | Skip The Flip

Visibility Is The Ultimate Step On How To Become A Top-Performing Influencer

This process is designed to start with a visibility understanding, to focus your attention on the most influential capacity, to learn how to expand on this capacity, to learn various tactics and concepts for the growth of your audience, and to transform your life positively along the road.

Before you start on what I hope is a turning point of success that becomes the next big thing, I want to offer some advice that goes beyond your interests.

1) Proper disclosure is extremely important and can prevent you from having trouble. According to our study, it does not even affect the bottom line to add #ad as a minimum publication for Tweets, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Instagram articles. You can not, however, be targeted for penalties if you do not obey the rules. In case of doubt, disclose.

2) Be honest and switch it down if you are given money and have been asked to review a product or service in a way that is not practical. This is followed by proper disclosure when you add your name to the review – There are always wise ways to make an honest review, so do not cheat without slamming a product or service. Think about what you would feel if you purchased the item on the basis of an appraisal from someone else just to find out that it wasn’t perfect.

3) This is a chance to have fun and play in an area you want, so don’t forget to let yourself be enjoyed by the experience. When you say “I get paid for doing this” at the end of the process, then that is something amazing to know.

Visibility is the ultimate first step to become a top-performing influencer. | Skip The Flip

Visibility Is Key

Are you ready? I’m not going to use “I’m going to make you a star with this one” cliché but if that was the outcome I would be very happy. Here’s my take on the ultimate step on how to become a top-performing influencer:

Understand the value of visibility in the influencer’s journey, which includes an introduction to how Blogs, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube works. Finally, insight into the value of interconnecting social media.


Blogs are going to be the most varied discovery mechanism, if only because there’s no one standard way to blog. That said, there are a few considerations if you want to build visibility through blogging.

  • Write often with freedom.
  • Improve as a copywriter.
  • Get better with writing and publishing.


It’s huge on Facebook. Now that we have done this, you should know that there is a difference between fan pages and personal profiles that make networking life difficult. If you plan to actively increase your exposure on Facebook, you may want to access your fan page and use this profile to conduct much of your interaction as brands and networks may be easier to monitor your behavior. This is a privacy issue and relieves the follower limit problem with the resilience of the personal friends’ network scale.

  • Join as many relevant groups as you can and stay active in them.
  • Post and comment on other’s posts.
  • Like and share content and you’ll find your content getting liked/shared in return.


For a few factors, Instagram is now our most popular network: it can be used quickly, imagery has a high market rate. E-commerce companies can not get ample influencings to satisfy demand in the fields of fashion, cosmetics, fitness, and more.

  • You should be following as many relevant hashtag searches as you can.
    • Leave relevant comments.
    • Like as much as you can.
    • Follow as many of those posters as you can.
  • Produce as many high-quality posts as you can.
    • Use those same relevant tags.
    • Interact with the comments left on your posts.
  • Shoutout (or mentions) to other accounts.
    • Shoutouts are the closest thing to sharing Instagram.

Instagram is now our most popular network. | Skip The Flip


LinkedIn doesn’t get nearly as much love as it should. Not only is it a great place to build an audience, but by building up your professional presence, you’re almost certainly going to improve your career prospects.

  • Add all your existing professional contacts.
  • View profiles of your professional peers.
  • Write or share articles for LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn groups are a thing.


Similar to Instagram, Pinterest focuses on very visual elements. The main difference is user focus. Our contention is that Pinterest is for saving imagery more for personal use, internally focused, whereas Instagram’s default nature is to share with the world. The overlap is significant and some of the brands focusing on Pinterest (primarily food and fashion) are doing quite well.

  • Curate your actionable content from your blog (if you have one).
  • Join as many relevant boards as possible.
  • Create pins.
  • Follow relevant pinners and boards, and engage with them.


Want to reach as many people as possible the quickest? Twitter is still king for this. It is the social network that skews more towards topic/interest than friend network. In this manner, if you’re able to latch on to a trending topic, the potential for building a network fast is incredible.

  • Hashtags are even more important than on Instagram.
  • Once you have a little bit of an audience, start producing your own thought-provoking tweets.
  • Partake in Twitter chats.


YouTube can be the trickiest network because the time component of content production is the steepest. If you have a great camera presence, YouTube might be right for you. Assuming you know how to create a channel and upload videos, how do you go about increasing your visibility here?

  • Comment on relevant videos. The YouTube community is fragmented in producers and non-producers; if you’re leaving thoughtful and intelligent comments on videos related to your subject material, you’re going to draw attention, which is important for later.
  • Quality matters. You have to put time and thought into setting up the concept, script, production, and post-production. Quality videos are very much appreciated though, leading to subscribers.
  • Collaborate. It [collaboration] is massive on YouTube. The ability to engage with other influencers in the creative process is very synergistic and is how a lot of the major channels keep growth constant.

Interacting in a positive manner on other influencers’ materials increases the likelihood of success. | Skip The Flip

Engage With Other Influencers And Interconnect On Social Media

The more you engage with other influencers, in a collaborative and supportive fashion, the more likely you are to have success. When I’m writing material relevant to my blog, I want another influencer to see it. Likewise, by interacting in a positive manner on other influencers’ materials increases the likelihood of success.

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It’s very difficult to be a top-performing influencer on every single major social channel, let alone all social channels. However, it is possible to maintain a presence on all the major channels, the goal is to push the audience towards your preferred channel. If you want to be top tier on YouTube, there is nothing wrong with reposting videos on Instagram, embed posting on Facebook, and sharing the video on Twitter — so long as you are genuinely active on the other channels, you can use them as capillaries to funnel traffic to where you want attention the most.

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