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Why Is There A Need To Practice Customer Service When Blogging?

Why Is There A Need To Practice Customer Service When Blogging? | Skip The Flip

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This might sound a little off from the primary perspective on blogging, but the very essence of Customer Service is significant to the success of growing your passion for writing online. As I have previously discussed on why bloggers fail on blogging, I have mentioned that specific kind of audience looks for information online through blogs. That being said, you may encounter different kinds of people.

Why Is There A Need To Practice Customer Service When Blogging? | Skip The Flip
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Why Is There A Need To Practice Customer Service When Blogging?

One of the things that you need to learn to attain success on your blog is the idea of proper engagement. Let’s just say, interpersonal skills, to make it easier to understand. A lot of people may come across your blog looking for answers to questions that they have. Since that is the case, it is much better if you practice good customer service skills along the way.

As defined, Customer Service is “the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services.” It is an ideal skill if you are working with people who require services.

Why Is There A Need To Practice Customer Service When Blogging? | Skip The Flip
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You might be wondering why is there a need to practice customer service when blogging. Here are three (3) things bloggers are commonly performing for their blogs and their audience (readers and followers) that need the good customer service mindset:

1) Engaging To Human Online Encounters (And Offline)

With my experience as a blogger for more than a decade, I have met many people through my blog online. There is a big possibility that offline audience would count to these engagements since it is also part of the routine to attend social events or explore outside the four-wall boundary of your workstation. This is, of course, to gather data for your next content.

Writing for new content does not circle around research and online reading, engaging with other people would contribute. This does not apply to every blogger, but most of the time it does.

2) Sharing Information With The Public

When you start blogging, you share information online in public. With the customer service mindset in blogging, you must be responsible for the information you provide. That is why when you practice good customer service on your blog, you must be mindful and be truthful with what you publish and share.

Why Is There A Need To Practice Customer Service When Blogging? | Skip The Flip
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We always think that customer service is only relevant to businesses that offer services. Yes, but with your blog, even though it is not a business (in some scenarios), you also offer service without you knowing: providing information. People will search for information online and if they reach your blog and re-share it, that information you put out online can be a source. Since the information you publish online is yours, you are most likely be the best person responsible enough to see if the information is correct or not.

3) Answering Inquiries From Readers

You might have activated or allowed comments on each of your blog post. If that is the case, there can be a chance that a reader might leave a comment or two with his or her opinion similar or contradicting to yours. How you handle this situation can be handled correctly if you have a good customer service mindset.

On the other hand, if you have a Facebook Page, you might have also activated messaging where people leave you messages for inquiries or whatnot. Since you allow that on your social media account, be diligent enough to respond to those messages the soonest possible. Make it a regular habit to check your message inbox (this applies to email messages, too) and get back to inquiries from your readers, potential brands, and clients who want to connect with you and your brand or your blog.

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Final Thoughts

Add into your to-do list that customer service is something you need to learn for your blog. Always remember that this is very important if you want to have a memorable engagement with your readers and followers, as well as people from brands who want to connect with you. Make it a regular thing that you check your messages on your email inbox or your Facebook messenger to see if someone left you questions for you to answer.

Why Is There A Need To Practice Customer Service When Blogging? | Skip The Flip
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Of course, this is not mandatory that you answer to every question. Sometimes you might receive irrelevant messages or spam emails that you need to be careful about. But in general, make customer service a habit and make that skills one of your priorities to provide to everyone who goes to your blog and make use of the information you provide. That way, they will keep on coming back because of the experience they have when you engage with them online.

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