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The 5 Characteristics Of A Blogging Leader

Countless people have written on what it means to be a blogging leader. And almost everyone identifies influence as the primary characteristic of a blogger and the blog. But leadership, in any form, is more than influence. Leadership in blogging, however, certainly includes influence, but it is more. It includes at least four (4) more characteristics.

The 5 Characteristics Of A Blogging Leader | Skip The Flip
I was invited to become one of the speakers of the CBSTalks: Back To Basics, a blogging seminar [Photo credit: CBS Talks]

Earlier today, I delivered a short discussion about how to build an authentic online platform as a new medium of communication. My talk circled around the main topic, “Blogging for Change.” When we talk about change, it is very important that there are people who would spearhead the campaign of change. That is why I have emphasized during my talk that when a blogger wants to become a blogging leader, one must possess not just influence.

The 5 Characteristics Of A Blogging Leader

Before we move on to my discussion, let me reiterate that influence is also crucial to blogging. However, in this case, since we wanted to promote or introduce change to a specific audience, a blogger must gain these five other characteristics to become successful.

1) Insight

Sometimes we refer to this as vision, but that usually has exclusive reference to the future. While bloggers must have a vision, they need more. They need wisdom and discernment. They need to be able to look at complex situations, gain clarity, and determine a course of action.

2) Initiative

Bloggers who want to be blogging leaders go first. They don’t sit on the sidelines. They don’t ask others to do what they are unwilling to do themselves. Instead, they lead by example.

Think about your purpose, that is the most important thing. Start blogging because you like doing it.

3) Influence

Blogging leaders are contagious. People “catch” what they have. Yes, a lot more is caught than taught. People are drawn to their vision and their values. They are able to gather a following and move people to act. They are like human wave pools, creating a ripple effect wherever they go.

The 5 Characteristics Of A Blogging Leader | Skip The Flip
Lloyd Chua, Guada Cuizon, Etienne Chantal Codina, and Alem Garcia are my fellow speakers for the CBSTalks.

4) Impact

At the end of the day, blogging leaders make a difference. The world, society, and the organizations are changed because of their leadership. They are able to create real and lasting change. The measure of leadership in blogging cannot be found in the blogger. It is found in the impact the blogger has on their followers.

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5) Integrity

The blogger and its leadership in blogging do not just have insight, initiative, influence, and impact. They are integrated with the highest value: Integrity. It ultimately determines the quality of a blogger’s impact. In a sense, integrity is the foundation of authentic blogging leadership.

The 5 Characteristics Of A Blogging Leader | Skip The Flip
The CBSTalks speakers during the open forum.

A blogging leader must be deliberate and intentional if he is to be successful.

Remember, it’s always about progress and never always about perfection when it comes to our leadership in blogging development and to promote change. We are all a work in progress. Be your best!

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The 5 Characteristics Of A Blogging Leader | Skip The Flip
The attendees and event organizers at the CBSTalks: Back To Basics

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