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Aspiring Bloggers Can Now Publish Their WordPress Websites For Only $1 With This Revolutionary Tool

With EasyWP, setting up a WordPress website takes less than a minute. | Skip The Flip

Did you know that WordPress is the most popular online publishing tool in the world? It gives users the ultimate freedom with its friendly interface for writing, editing, and publishing content. Setting up WordPress websites now takes less than a minute. This revolutionary tool works three times faster than traditional hosting, and its flexible pricing plans start at only $1 for the first month. No wonder bloggers and small businesses love it!

With EasyWP, setting up WordPress websites takes less than a minute. | Skip The Flip

Aspiring Bloggers Can Now Publish Their WordPress Websites For Only $1 With This Revolutionary Tool

Now you can love it, too. Introducing EasyWP, the fastest and easiest way to use managed WordPress websites, which takes to go live in just minutes — with the click of a button. EasyWP is perfect for anyone who wants to create and manage their website without doing the heavy lifting. Forget about managing your hosting, navigating through complicated interfaces, or figuring out how to install WordPress. Everything will be done for you in a jiffy!

Powered by Namecheap, my domain registrar and web hosting service provider of choice since 2016, has its very own cloud technology with infrastructure that is intuitively designed to allow every website to live and grow, without any hiccups. Think of it as a “set-and-forget it” experience for me as a blogger who writes online for a specific demographic of the audience. How’s that for something very easy?

EasyWP, the true Managed WordPress Hosting solution, is backed up by Namecheap that remains the most affordable and trusted managed WordPress around. With its competitive pricing strategy appeals to all audiences. EasyWP is oh-so-easy for you to use. To show you just how easy it is, I’ve put together some instructions to help you get started.

Step 1: Choose A Plan

EasyWP has 3 different plans: Starter, Turbo, and Supersonic. But which one should you choose? Here’s the break down:

Starter. Perfect for anyone who may be new to building their audience and/or speaking to a particular niche. It handles sites up to 50k visitors per month and doesn’t slow things down.

Turbo. Ideal for high-traffic sites that have up to 250k visitors per month. The plan has 1.5x more CPU and RAM than the Starter plan.

Supersonic. Fully-equipped to handle up to 500k visitors per month. It comes with 2x more CPU and RAM than Starter, and also includes a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Step 1: Choose A Plan | Skip The Flip

Not only does it have an affordable and easy-to-the-pocket price tag, but EasyWP also does all the technical heavy lifting, providing you with all the service you’d expect from traditional managed WordPress Hosting at just a fraction of the cost. In fact, the Starter Plan starts at just $3.88 per month, with the first month only $1.00. As Namecheap sees it, creating WordPress websites should be easy, accessible, and affordable to everyone.

Step 2: Add A Domain Name

If you already own a domain name with Namecheap, all they need to do is connect it to their EasyWP account. They simply select it from the Namecheap Domain dropdown. See below:

Step 2: Add A Domain Name | Skip The Flip

If you have a domain registered elsewhere, you can select “Temporary Domain or Domains on other providers”. You will be able to enter your domain name after the website is created. However, in case you don’t own a Top-Level Domain (TLD), feel free to choose a great one. On how to do so, you can check out some useful tips and tricks for coming up with the right domain name for your website.

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Step 3: Choose From A Wide Array Of WordPress Themes

While WordPress is praised for having endless themes and plugins to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming for new users to navigate. What’s a theme, anyway? You may ask.

Think of a theme as a ready-made design, also known as a template that you can reuse for their website. Thanks to EasyWP, there are already 10 suggested themes in place. Clean and well-designed, these suggested themes are unanimously popular and reviewed favorably among users. All of them happen to be Gutenberg-ready and come recently updated.

Step 3: Choose From A Wide Array Of WordPress Themes | Skip The Flip

Some themes are also better suited to certain categories, such as:

  • Topics/niches – (think recipes, pets, travel)
  • Hobbies/Small Businesses – (think blogs, portfolio websites, e-commerce shops)
  • Industries – (think fashion, food, design)
  • Users – (think freelancers, small businesses, non-profits)

With EasyWP, the suggested themes are more suited toward online businesses and blogs, as well as photography and portfolio websites.

While EasyWP certainly features a variety of bells and whistles, what sets it apart from other managed WordPress hosting is simple: it saves your audience time and money. An excellent fit for all sorts of audiences (whether they’re freelancers, small business owners, or bloggers), EasyWP eliminates the potential and often inevitable problems a user might face with the setting up of their WordPress account.

In other words, this “set-and-forget” experience lets you focus on what’s most important: building and maintaining your online presence.

Super cost-effective and incredibly easy to use, EasyWP is the solution to revolutionize the way you publish your WordPress websites.

Product Features

Here are some features available on EasyWP that you can use when you have one:

  • One Dashboard. Create and manage your WordPress websites from a single dashboard, with a single login.
  • Maintenance Mode. It’s entirely up to you when you decide to go live. Maintenance mode allows you to keep your visitors in anticipation, without ruining the grand reveal!
  • Simple Backups. Forget third party security or backup tools. Here, it’s one click to back up and one-click to restore, all from one straightforward interface.
  • Free Positive SSL. Bring encryption, validation, and trustworthiness to your EasyWP website with PositiveSSL from Sectigo. Included for free with Turbo and Supersonic plans.
  • Domain Connects. Easily connect any domain name to a WordPress website, inside the EasyWP dashboard. If you are unsure of what domain name to use, a free subdomain is provided, for as long as you like, until you are ready to get your own domain name.
  • Easy SFTP & Database Access. Gain access to your database through phpMyAdmin and to files through SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). Unlike FTP, SFTP features encryption—making it super secure for sharing credentials with someone you trust.
  • Free CDN. Get access to Namecheap’s Content Delivery Network, a tool that caches and delivers your website content in record time from servers around the world.
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Achieve Your Blogging Goals with EasyWP

Are you ready to start your WordPress websites without the hassle? Give EasyWP, the fastest Managed WordPress Hosting available and the most affordable around, a good try, and achieve your goals with WordPress. Visit the EasyWP Product Page for more details.

It’s easy to use, set up in less than 90 seconds, unbeatable pricing, and unparalleled 24/7 customer support. Trust me, I’ve been with Namecheap since 2016 and I am loving their products and after-sales support.

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