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The Cebu Content Creators “Blog Talks” Workshop (And Why You Should Attend)

The Cebu Content Creators "Blog Talks" Workshop (And Why You Should Attend) | Skip The Flip

When you are so eager to start a blog and get to write contents online, there will be times that your motivation to keep on going will start forward or just simply you’re running out of ideas. This year, the Cebu Content Creators (C3) is commemorating its first anniversary with the Content Creators Month celebration.

The Cebu Content Creators "Blog Talks" Workshop (And Why You Should Attend) | Skip The Flip

The Cebu Content Creators “Blog Talks” Workshop (And Why Should Attend)

Different activities are lined up during the celebration. One of them is BLOG TALKS. It is a 2-day workshop for content creators both blogging and video-making with topics strategically planned to help content creators with their craft and provide more ideas on how to sustain their blogs and social media channel.

On September 16 and 23, 2018, BLOG TALKS workshops are categories into two factors: Motivation and Inspiration. With six (6) different topics, interested participants can choose either Day 1 or Day 2 of the event. They can even attend both programs to maximize the opportunity to improve and sustain their online content creation.

Day 1: Inspiration

The Cebu Content Creators "Blog Talks" Workshop (And Why You Should Attend) | Skip The Flip

If you want to get inspired to create content online, attending the Day 1 of BLOG TALKS is highly recommended. With different speakers from different sectors of content creation, participants will sure get something relevant and significant to what they need to move further and farther on their craft as an online writer and a video blogger.

Finding Your Niche On YouTube

We always think that the competition on YouTube is very high. Rea Gene Alducente, the current Chairperson of the Cebu Content Creators will share with you strategies to find a proper place on YouTube as a platform. With her blog, the Blissful Snapshots, Rea transitioned to video creation with her newfound niche. The Call Center Ninja is her YouTube channel where she discusses tips and tricks on how to be competitive in the call center industry. The topic is very relevant in Cebu as one of the leading hubs of Call Center and Information Technology in the Philippines.

You will get to see how she was able to establish her platform on YouTube and how she competed to existing creators gaining a significant number of subscribers in a short period of time. If you want to start a YouTube channel and has the difficulty to find your niche, this topic is for you.

The Life Story Of A Content Creator

Are you curious what it is like to become a prominent online content creator? Vernon Joseph Go will tell you his story on how he became one and what he did to maintain his standards and strategies to keep on writing for his blog, and recently, publishing his first book on business, “A Lazy Investor’s Way”.

He mainly blogs on business in his blog named after himself, He also writes a Business Columnist at one of the leading and local newspapers in Cebu. Through his works in print media, he became a recipient of the #SINAG Award, Sun Life’s Financial Literacy Journalism Award, for the Visayas in Print Category.

Blogging And Brands

As the Blogging Team Lead of Cebu Content Creators and the Chairman of Blog Talks, my experiences as a blogger have reached many levels and many struggles. Aside from writing for my personal blog,, I also manage an Events and Entertainment blog,, which I have launched in November 2012. Being an online content creator for more than 12 years now, I was able to work with different brands in LIfestyle, Technology, Telecommunications, Television, Insurance, and a lot more.

Blogging started out as a hobby with past experiences as a school paper journalist. It came to a point that I was partnered with brands and was able to monetize my work. Today, I am a blogger partner of brands like ASUS, Giltbox, ABS-CBN, Sun Life Philippines, Globe Telecom, Star Cinema, and very recently, Lamudi Philippines.

Blog Talks: Day 1

Here’s a summary of the topics on September 16, 2018, Day 1 of BLOG TALKS:

Title Speaker
Stand A Chance On YouTube (Find Your Niche) Rea Gene Alducente
“See You In The Content Creator Side”: A Story Vernon Joseph Go
Connecting Your Blog To Brands ANd Monetizing Your Work Philip Andrew Mayol

Day 2: Motivation

The Cebu Content Creators "Blog Talks" Workshop (And Why You Should Attend) | Skip The Flip

When you’re almost there and you wanted to go farther as much as you wish for your blog but you’re running of ideas or you’re losing hope because you don’t know what to do, Day 2 of BLOG TALKS is for you. From the technical aspects of search engine optimization to mobile photography, the second and the last day of the workshop will definitely be fruitful for those who will join the roster of participants.

Google And Search Engine Optimization

The pioneering Chairman and now, one of the Head Consultants of Cebu Content Creators, Rome Nicolas Bonsucan also works as the Co-Manager at GBG Cebu – Google Business Group. With his expertise in managing social media and Google, he will be imparting to the participants some proper tips on how to optimize your work online through.

With his advocacy of Bisaya and its arts and culture, his blog, Basta Bisaya, the presence of the blog and its content has become more successful since its conception through the utilization of search engine optimization.

Turning Your Interest Into A Blog

His skill in conveying the message on his love for food makes Carlo Olano one of the leading food bloggers in Cebu. With his blog, is a true epitome of turning an interest into the core of a blog.

Carlo, through his food-centric blog, won him the 2017 Best Cebu Food Blog award and that proved its way that transforming what you like as the center of your discussion on your blog will send you into greater things like being a certified award-winning Cebuano blogger.

Smartphone And Photos

We always think that it is a must to get a high-end DSLR to start blogging. Images are a crucial part of storytelling in your blog, and in social media in general. With my partnership with ASUS, I am able to step up the mobile photography game using the latest ZenFone smartphones on the market.

I will be discussing how smartphone contributed to my routine as a blogger and how I level up my photos with a lightweight and portable device like a smartphone. I was also able to maximize my smartphone as a gadget of importance. Majority of the photos I posted on my blog and on my Instagram account are taken with a ZenFone smartphone.

Blog Talks: Day 2

Here’s a recap of the Day 2 topics for BLOG TALKS September 23, 2018:

Title Speaker
Pro-Blogging 101: Actionable SEO Checklist Rome Nicolas
Transforming Passion And Interest Into A Successful Blog Carlo Andrew Olano
Mobile Photograpy For Your Blog Content Philip Andrew Mayol

How To Register To Blog Talks

To register and reserve your seat to Blog Talks Workshop, visit this link and answer the registration

Registration Fees:

₱300 per day or ₱500 for 2 days
₱250 per day or ₱400 for 2 days (Special Student Rate – Present Your School ID for confirmation)

Sponsors And Partners

The Cebu Content Creators "Blog Talks" Workshop (And Why You Should Attend) | Skip The Flip

The Cebu Content Creators "Blog Talks" Workshop (And Why You Should Attend) | Skip The Flip

The Blog Talks Workshop is part of the celebration of Content Creators Month. It is presented by the Cebu Content Creators and

The Cebu Content Creators "Blog Talks" Workshop (And Why You Should Attend) | Skip The Flip

Books and Brews Café is the official Venue Partner. The official Brand Sponsors are the following: ASUS Philippines, Giltbox, and Giltbox Man.

The Cebu Content Creators "Blog Talks" Workshop (And Why You Should Attend) | Skip The Flip

The Cebu Content Creators "Blog Talks" Workshop (And Why You Should Attend) | Skip The Flip

The Cebu Content Creators "Blog Talks" Workshop (And Why You Should Attend) | Skip The Flip

Registration fee includes snacks and drink, workshop kits, raffle entry with special prizes from brand sponsors.

With the special sponsorship from The Aldrincore for the poster designs.

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Should you have questions about the program or the registration, please contact the Cebu Content Creators via their Facebook Page.

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