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The Epic Summer Box From Saladbox Man

Everybody’s ready for the hottest season of the year. The things on the checklist must have been ticked now as we go to adventures and escapades this summer. Most men might have really prepared this coming, transforming themselves from their gym and yoga sessions, get the freshest haircut or what not. But what makes a man really ready without the essentials in an all-out-war summer heat.

Thankfully, though, Saladbox Man released its subscription box summer edition with the necessary things a man needs from basic to pro. They simply call it the “Epic Summer” box, and I’m going to show what’s in the box.

The Epic Summer Box From Saladbox Man | Skip The Flip

The Epic Summer Box From Saladbox Man

The box includes personal care products, fashion and style accessories and even the most basic thing a man like me would really love to have in the bag getting ready for the most epic summer there is. It’s an added bonus item but I am going to show it to you, first.

Glide Razor

The Epic Summer Box From Saladbox Man | Skip The Flip

Three words for you on this: affordable, simple, necessary. The Glide Razor comes with a moisturizing aloe strip for that easy shave safe for your face and skin. The Glide Razor has a rubber grip to give you a hold while you achieve a clean shave without skin irritation.

ToppCock Pinned Hair Gel/Cream

The Epic Summer Box From Saladbox Man | Skip The Flip

This is your perfect hair gel and cream to add body to fine or thinning hair. The aloe and tea tree extracts keep your scalp protected especially from the damaging overexposure to heat. The ToppCock Pinned Hair Gel/Cream can do magic with your hair because you can control the amount you need to apply to make the appearance either matte or shiny. Now, how cool is that?

Skin Lab’s Charlie And The Charcoal Factory Deep Cleansing And Detoxifying Bar

The Epic Summer Box From Saladbox Man | Skip The Flip

This contains activated charcoal. So, that means, it’s perfect for oily skin. Activated charcoal effectively absorb excess oil, dirt, and sand particles stuck into your face from your surroundings (let alone or at the beach). The Skin Lab’s Charlie And The Charcoal Factory Deep Cleansing and Detoxifying Bar balances sebum production with nourishing Jojoba oil while clearing your skin complexion from within.

Neptune’s Trove Cord Bracelet

The Epic Summer Box From Saladbox Man | Skip The Flip

This cord bracelet is made lovingly by hand. Using quality materials, the Neptune’s Trove Cord Bracelet is perfect for your ultimate summer look. Very unique on every Epic Summer box, you can also get a Paracord variety that has an adjustable lock to fit any wrist size. Accentuate your summer with this striking fashion accessory and it will give you head turns when you pass by those who are sunbathing at the beach chairs.

Pyodontyl Plus F Toothpaste

The Epic Summer Box From Saladbox Man | Skip The Flip

The refreshing minty dental formula gives you fresh breath especially this hot summer season. The Pyodontyl plus F Toothpaste has specially formulated vitamins: Permethol and Panthenol to help maintain healthy gums while activate fluoride strengthens tooth enamel and fight cavities. Perfect for that summer smile.

Ginger & Aki Pocket Square

The Epic Summer Box From Saladbox Man | Skip The Flip

Made from 100% cotton, the Ginger & Aki Pocket Square is the right fashionable summer accessory for that beach wedding or that casual business meeting. Level up your coats with a pop of color on your pocket with the style from Ginger & Aki.

Vaseline Healthy White SPF30 PA++ Serum

The Epic Summer Box From Saladbox Man | Skip The Flip

Never underestimate the power of sunscreen. The Vaseline Healthy White SPF30 PA++ Serum is non-negotiable, a must-have for your summer getaway. It has 3 modes of protection for an even-tone fair skin. The SPF30, 96% UVB protection, and PA++ formulation (for an extra UVA protection) are undeniably what makes this skin serum something that should be inside your bag. It is also packed with Vitamin B3 to brighten and even out your skin tone.

Dove Gentle Exfoliating And Nourishing Body Wash

The Epic Summer Box From Saladbox Man | Skip The Flip

It’s a fact that men also needs exfoliating. Thanks to Dove, this body wash can help every man have that fresh looking, clean feeling skin. The Dove Gentle Exfoliating and Nourishing Body Wash has a deep absorbing nourishment with NutriumMoisture™ formula. It contains a unique blend of moisturizers enriched beads enriched with skin-natural lipids that can completely be absorbed to nourish deep down while in the shower. When used regularly, NutriumMoisture™ helps rebuild skin from the inside making it more beautiful from the outside.

Glamglow Youth Cleanse

The Epic Summer Box From Saladbox Man | Skip The Flip

It’s a mud to form facial exfoliating cleanser that is gentle enough to use daily. The Glamglow Youth Cleanse is also anti-aging that helps reduces visible fine lines. It smoothens skin giving you that inexplicable glow in this epic summer time.

More Epic Summer Surprise!

A bonus to every subscriber is a discount voucher from one of Saladbox Man’s pioneering brand partners, Knitties. The knit tie will definitely add that bam! to the already dapper summer look without trying to be overboard.

The Epic Summer Box From Saladbox Man | Skip The Flip

The total value of the Epic Summer box is around ₱1,900. However, Saladbox Man subscribers pay a box for only ₱600! Subscribe now at and bring that dapper back in you even during this epic summer experience.

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