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Merlin: My Favorite Netflix TV Show

My Favorite Netflix TV Show (First Quarter 2016) | Skip The Flip

Irish thespian and actor, Colin Morgan, plays the lead role [Photo credit:]

I’ve found a new friend. His name is Netflix. I really love movies and TV series. Though I am not updated with what’s on TV lately, I always try to spend some happy time watching one. I don’t fancy going to the cinema because I have eyesight issues, but since I subscribed to Netflix, it compensated for my outdatedness from movies and TV programs in general.

Merlin: My Favorite Netflix TV Show | Skip The Flip
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Merlin: My Favorite Netflix TV Show

I signed up for the 1-month free subscription last January. Since then, I already have renewed twice and enjoyed every moment I find time checking some great stuff on Netflix. I have had finished quite a few, but today, I am going to specifically discuss my favorite show in the first three months of this year.

A Young Country Boy With Magic

The 5-season, 65-episode BBC One series that started in 2008, is about a young boy who ventured away from his hometown in the country and left and went to learn and discover himself and his gift. If I am going to mention the word “Camelot”, I think you know what I am going to talk about. But if you’re guessing that’s it’s King Arthur, he’s one of the main characters, but on this TV show, he is not the center of the story.

It started with the adventures of a young warlock (I think you know now who I’m trying to talk about), who arrived at the gates of Camelot to search for the court physician named Gaius. The old man became the hero’s guardian and mentor, who, in the story, taught him how to use his magic without being discovered.

What makes this series very unique is that the story circles on a theme about magic being forbidden in the kingdom, yet the lead character must use it to protect Arthur and Camelot from the dangers of the enemies. It is also told before Arthur became king and his father, Uther Pendragon still ruled the land.

To stop you from overthinking, it was centered on this:

“In a land of myth, and a time of magic… the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy. His name…”


My Favorite Netflix TV Show (First Quarter 2016) | Skip The Flip
Irish thespian and actor, Colin Morgan, plays the lead role [Photo credit:]

Yes, it is about the sorcerer, Merlin, and don’t worry, I will not spoil everything since I want you to watch the series as well. But, the motif of the story started even before Merlin became known as the most powerful magician and confidant to King Arthur (who was still a prince during the first few episodes of the series).

The fresh take on this show is set to when the main characters are still young and innocent to what life may bring them. It is very far from the original Arthurian legend, however, they still adopted few influences from the original story.

Merlin: My Favorite Netflix TV Show | Skip The Flip
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The series is filled with action, suspense, drama, and comedy. You will surely experience the thrill from the fight scenes, curiosity from the sudden twists, and also too much laughter from the great tandem of Colin Morgan, who played Merlin, and Bradley James, who played Arthur.

There are some emotional turns, too, from the unexpected turns of events, of allies becoming enemies, and of course, death.

Finished And Rewatched; Main Cast

It took me less than a month to complete all 65 episodes and still have ample time to return to interesting episodes. The filming took place between 2008 and 2012 while shooting in Wales and France.

Here are the primary roles of the series:

Colin Morgan as Merlin
Bradley James as Arthur Pendragon
Katie McGrath as Morgana
Angel Coulby as Guinevere
Richard Wilson as Gaius
John Hurt as the voice of The Great Dragon
Anthony Head as Uther Pendragon

Merlin: My Favorite Netflix TV Show | Skip The Flip
Bradley James as Arthur Pendragon and Colin Morgan as Merlin [Photo credit:]

Here’s the trailer for Season 1 for a little introduction for those who haven’t seen or wanted to consider seeing Merlin.

What about you? What’s your favorite Netflix TV show? If you’re watching movies or TV series on Netflix lately, please leave the titles in the comment section below so I can try and watch them.

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