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3 Easy Tips To Achieve The Ultimate Blogging Goals

3 Things I Do To Achieve My Ultimate Blogging Goals (Part 1) | Skip The Flip

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Blogging will bring you to far places. If you’re a blogger who is planning to grow your audience, it is very important that you need to formulate goals for your blogging. Like I did, you need to find ways on how to gain readers who would visit your blog over and over again to keep them from coming back to your website. If you have just started your blog and only posted minimal content, it is the right time to consider these things to help you grow your readers.

3 Easy Tips To Achieve The Ultimate Blogging Goals | Skip The Flip
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This is part one of this series and here are my three (3) actionable advice which I have done to build a bigger audience and to reach my ultimate blogging goals:

1) Remember basic English grammar rules

We always hear from others that grammar is not that important when you blog. For them, it [grammar] is not that critical because you need to put priorities on your thoughts and ideas to come up with better content. Yes, I will agree, however, a blogger who writes good content is a blogger who has good grammar rules knowledge. What I am trying to convey is having the basic knowledge, from the simple “Subject-Verb” agreement to correct word usage, is very important and not secondary.

3 Easy Tips To Achieve The Ultimate Blogging Goals | Skip The Flip
Call me grammar police, I don’t care. Grammar is still important to blogging. [Photo credit:]

Your goal is to get more readers, then it is just fitting to have good grammar in your writing. At least you know that singular nouns take a singular verb (with the s form), and plural nouns take a plural verb (the simple form). For example:

The apple tastes delicious.
The birds eat seeds.

What more the is/are, was/were verb tense rules which are basic and you should already know about that.

On word usage, it is confusing when we hear common words that sound similar but have different spelling and meaning. The “there and their” and “your and you’re” usage, as well as “than and then”. The very challenging part is when we use a spell checker and it won’t give us the red curly lines. So, we directly assume that it is the write word.

Did you notice that?

My spell checker didn’t warn me that I haven’t used the right word. Not write. We mistakenly type and use the “other” word unintentionally because they sound the same when we speak, but these words will make our sentences odd or let’s be honest, wrong.

There are a lot of grammar rules in technical English and I am telling you now, you need to review them. It really helps that you learn bit by bit. We all commit mistakes, however, it also good that you improve your skills. Oh, don’t forget the punctuation, capitalization, spelling and more.

Just remember that there is no excuse anymore. Bad spelling and bad grammar can be critical to your blog, even if English is not your native language (and that includes me).

I am struggling with prepositions and sometimes I am not sure which preposition to write on… in… over my sentences.

I told you. I need to study more!

2) Start blogging. And love what you do

…so you won’t get tired doing it. You get very excited when you started your blog. But all of a sudden, you are slowly trying to not update it along the way because you don’t have the right feels to do it, or you are busy with something else. When you want to start a new blog, you might have missed the mindset to make sure you have the right motivation and the foundation to keep on going and have strong moral support.

Blogging is fun. It lets you share your experience, your thoughts, and your feelings. But it is time-consuming and it is not easy to do especially if you need to be always updated to get more readers.

3 Easy Tips To Achieve The Ultimate Blogging Goals | Skip The Flip
A famous quote from Confucius [Photo credit:]

There are bloggers who no longer update their blogs. I know a lot about them. They might have become very occupied with other things, change their interest, or most possibly, lost their interest in blogging. But if your goal is to get more audience to your website, it needs to be regularly updated. When I say “regularly updated”, it does not mean every day (but if you can do that, well, bravo to you). It means from time to time, but not all the time, and not once-in-a-blue-moon time. You need to also give your audience the suspense of waiting and anticipation.

Don’t think of blogging as something you have to do. Consider blogging as something you love to do and need to do because, for you, it’s a privilege, an opportunity to share your ideas online and most likely gain new friends and build mutual relationships with your readers.

Just have fun doing it and don’t pressure yourself too much. Always recall the famous saying from Confucius which you can read above. It will give you peace of mind.

3) Interact with your readers

You didn’t put the comment box on your blog for nothing, did you?

I seldom receive comments from my readers here on my blog. But if I did, I will make sure to leave a response. Your existing readers help you grow and can be your motivation to continue what you love doing because they have given you signs that they are reading your post.

They are humans in a cyber world who spent their spare time to finish reading your post. They have decided to leave you a comment maybe because they liked it or they wanted to tell you something.


After a week, two weeks, four, a month, and still you haven’t replied to their messages, it hurts. It really hurts, don’t you think? If I am a reader of a certain blog post and the blogger won’t reply to my messages that I have carefully composed so I won’t sound rude or offensive and then I get no reply, or even a thank you reply, nothing. Okay. Thanks. Bye.

3 Easy Tips To Achieve The Ultimate Blogging Goals | Skip The Flip
A little “Thank You” will bring you a long way. [Photo credit:]

As a blogger, you need to spend the time to check back on your blog post and see if you have comments. If growing the audience of your website is your objective, make this as one of your ultimate blogging goals. Reply to your readers’ comments, and thank them for the time they have spent reading your blog post.

It has come to an end. Do you have any other blogging goals you wish to add or might have spotted the wrong grammar on this post that will make my first advice ironic? Don’t judge me. I commit mistakes, too. But if you could tell me I have made an error in my spelling or whatsoever, I will be very thankful for your messages on the comment box below.

For more tips about blogging, check this link regularly. Good luck with your blogging goals!

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