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5 Online Games I Played To Survive The Pandemic Boredom While Staying At Home

How I Survived Pandemic Boredom At Home With Online Games | Skip The Flip

The effects of the Coronavirus Disease outbreak in the world changed the way we do things. The government ruled mandates on stricter health protocol to everyone: wearing a mask when going out of the house, frequent hand washing, social distancing, and staying at home if nothing important to do in the public. It has been more than a year now and cases have been increasing everywhere. In the case of too much staying at home, it will surely be a boring thing to just sit down and do things repetitively. Good thing for me, I enjoyed playing mobile and online games, and I want to share with you what I have been playing since the community quarantine and lockdown.

How I Survived Pandemic Boredom At Home With Online Games | Skip The Flip

5 Online Games I Played To Survive The Pandemic Boredom While Staying At Home

As a youngster, I really love board games and electronic games. I used to play volleyball when I was at school but due to some foot and finger injuries, I refrain from engaging in sports. Most recently, I spend my free time playing mobile games (or Mobile Online Battle Arena; MOBA). And because of too much watching YouTube and following NoSlack while he simulated Airport CEO, I decided to purchase the game at Steam this year.

Without further ado, here are some games I can recommend you playing while you stay at home:

1) Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

How I Survived Pandemic Boredom At Home With Online Games | Skip The Flip

Almost everyone with a smartphone might have heard about this mobile game. You might have tried playing this one, too. An enjoyable 5 vs 5 strategic mobile game good for friends who are staying at home. The good thing for me, I have partnered with a smartphone brand, realme, to test their new smartphone, the realme narzo 20, and that’s what I’m using to play this game. The game is free to play but if you are a hardcore gamer, you need to spend some cash to buy diamonds to upgrade a hero like changing their skins or buying emblems to power up skills.

Developed by Moonton, the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang can be downloaded to your smartphone either Android or iOS device.

2) League of Legends

How I Survived Pandemic Boredom At Home With Online Games | Skip The Flip

I know too little about this mobile game, League of Legends. I don’t even know if you need to spend to level up a champion or buy gems or what not to upgrade their skills. But what I know is that it started as an online game for desktop in 2009 and the mobile version called League of Legends: Wildrift, was released just recently. This online game is for sure one of the biggest e-sports events in the world and its collaboration with K-Pop made it to a wider audience. I pre-registered this game on Google Play and played it for quite a while. I also tried playing it on my MacBook causing me to delete a lot of files just to give it room. But unfortunately, it’s not that I don’t like this but I just love MLBB more. This game was developed by RIOT Games.

You can also download League of Legends to your smartphone either Android or iOS device. For desktop, you can play for free and download the game from the League of Legends official website.

3) Sweet Crossing:

How I Survived Pandemic Boredom At Home With Online Games | Skip The Flip

It’s a sweet game very similar to Nokia Mobile’s Snake but Sweet Crossing: Snake io is more multi-dimensional in graphics and gameplay. To start with, you need to choose your pet, and the goal of the game is you help your pet consume candies and cakes along the way for it to grow tail but it doesn’t stop there. Once you have an ample length for a tail, you can now use it to trap other players so they would be exterminated and start all over again. You, too, should avoid getting trapped or hit by the other players’ tail. To make this short, it’s a cute game of pets and you let it eat sweets and kill other pets and be the #1 Pet. Period.

This casual game was also developed by Moonton, the game developer for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. You can have this downloaded to your smartphone either Android or iOS device.

4) Airport CEO

How I Survived Pandemic Boredom At Home With Online Games | Skip The Flip

As I have mentioned earlier, I purchased this online game because I have watched a YouTuber played this. And it was like playing The SIMS but you build an airport and manage it from ground zero. The only difference between this game compared to the others that I have stated above is that you play this alone but it was still fun gameplay since you will be building the airport, the runway, the shops, and more. It’s a good game about planning and strategizing since you also need to consider the needs of the passengers as well as sign contracts with airlines and schedule daily flights.

You can download Airport CEO and other 30,000 games from Steam Games.

5) Plays.Org Online Games

How I Survived Pandemic Boredom At Home With Online Games | Skip The Flip

Since I need to spend more time in front of my computer to work on my blogs, I don’t have the luxury to grab my smartphone to play mobile games. Thankfully, I have found this online games gem on the Internet this past few days that would serve me time to enjoy my free time while staying at home working. This website, offers a variety of games that are nostalgic, and at the same time, kid-friendly. I consider it as such because it’s absolutely free to play, no ads to click, and you don’t need to spend a single coin to level up or upgrade your skills. All you need to do is an Internet connection, a working browser, and a time to click and scroll your mouse, and hit your keyboard to play arcade games reminiscing your childhood. You can even choose from different categories from puzzles, sports, logic, and even the classics.

Simply open a new browser and visit their website. No smartphone needed, and no downloading needed as well. Plus, it’s absolutely free that your kids won’t accidentally click on some “Pay Now” button with the fears of overcharging your credit card.

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