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Best Gulf Coast Cities For Families

Best Gulf Coast Cities For Families | SkipTheFlip

Have you ever wondered if anyone has regretted moving to New Orleans? Do you believe anyone has ever done so? Neither do we. The decision to relocate to and live in New Orleans is a simple one. In many aspects, the city has a lot to offer. It caters to the needs of millennials, students, families, the working class, the middle class, and the higher class… in short, New Orleans is a wonderful fit for anyone. This is owing to the city’s diverse population as well as its diverse geographic areas. The values and traits of the city can frequently be found on different ends of two adjacent streets or the precious hidden gems of the coastlines of the Gulf Coast cities in the United States.

Best Gulf Coast Cities For Families | SkipTheFlip

Best Gulf Coast Cities For Families

According to real estate experts, now is the best time to shop New Orleans Houses for Sale since properties will appreciate both in the short and long term. In reality, real estate in New Orleans has increased by more than 46 percent in the last ten years or about 4% per year. This rate of appreciation is among the top 30% in the country. Continue reading to discover additional great Gulf Coast cities for families.

Orange Beach, Alabama

Orange Beach, Alabama | Skip The Flip

Although a portion of Orange Beach, Alabama is on the mainland, much of it is on a few islands. A little section of the city is located on a small island that it shares with Florida. A paddleboard, boat, kayak, or even a jet ski can be used to move between islands. The town boasts beautiful white-sand beaches. Because the water is rather warm, you and your family can spend time swimming there. The water’s temperature varies from 62 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. You can visit at any time of year because the typical high temperature is in the 60s to 80s. If you want to do something other than going to the beach, you can go to a local museum or even a waterpark. Gulf State Park and the Orange Beach Waterfront Park are also worth a visit. There are other shops around where you may buy mementos during your tour.

Mustang Island, Texas

Mustang Island, Texas | Skip The Flip

The island has a five-mile-long coastline where you may swim, fish, or simply take in the scenery. Mustang Island State Park also features a kayaking and fishing route on the island’s west side. Along the paddling track, you can also spot coastal birds. You and your family can go geocaching outside of the ocean. There are 50 primitive drive-up sites and 48 water and electric campsites accessible for camping. However, you should make a reservation because they sell out quickly. Stop by the park gift shop if you and your kids want to buy some mementos. You can also travel off the island to Corpus Christi to experience the Texas coast.

Seaside, Florida

Seaside, Florida | Skip The Flip

If you want to explore North Florida, the beaches in the Seaside area are worth seeing. To get to the beach, you’ll have to go beneath a tall part-lighthouse, part-pyramid construction. Then you can jump in the ocean or relax on the beach while watching the crowd. You and your family will have a comfy location to stay during your vacation as a result. During the day, take advantage of the city’s many attractions, both on and off the beach. You can eat from one of the local food trucks. Local stores and a seasonal farmers’ market are also available. You won’t have to worry about driving because everything is within walking distance.

Biloxi Beach, Mississippi

Biloxi Beach, Mississippi | Skip The Flip

Check out Biloxi Beach in Mississippi if you want to visit one of the top Gulf Coast beaches for families. Because this town is located on the mainland, it is easily accessible by automobile. However, don’t be fooled by this; it still offers wonderful beaches. The city takes care of the white sand beaches to keep them in tip-top shape. Furthermore, the adjacent barrier islands assist to keep the beaches tranquil, making Biloxi an excellent swimming spot for you and your entire family. Swimming, on the other hand, may not be as enjoyable in the winter. Although the air temperature is still in the 50s, the water can be chilly. Consider visiting during the summer if you want to be able to swim.

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