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The Scribe Writing Essentials Exclusive Shopping Spree

Be it known to the general public that aside from being addicted to books, I am also into collecting notebooks, coloring pen sets, and writing instruments. My most prized possessions in this category so far are two stainless steel Parker jotter pens, which I personally bought with my own savings. When I was invited to an event for a brand here in Cebu City and found out that it’s about everything related to writing, my smile was literally from ear to ear.

The Scribe Writing Essentials Exclusive Shopping Spree | Skip The Flip

The Scribe Writing Essentials Exclusive Shopping Spree

On November 22, 2017, Scribe had a launch event at Workplace Café. I’ve heard about them in the past. Knowing that high-quality writing pens, in general, are quite pricey (and considering the brand and quality of the products they sell), I was quite dismayed by the idea that if ever, one day, I will drop by their stores, I would end up pressing my nose on the store window, while salivating with envy.

But my expectations were wrong when I had a hands-on experience trying the products and seeing them in person. They are all of high-quality for sure.

The Scribe Writing Essentials Exclusive Shopping Spree | Skip The Flip

To my surprise, we were given a chance to an exclusive in-house shopping spree at the venue and I am going to share with you what I’ve got in my Scribe goodie bag. Before I move on to showing you the stuff that I am sure you will definitely love, I will tell you first what’s the event all about.

Scribe Media Launch: Relaunched And Rebranded

In October of this year, the well-loved specialty store formerly known as Scribe Writing Essentials is now simply called Scribe. Since the opening of the first retail store at Eastwood City in 2009, they continually offer world-class fountain pen brands like Kaweco, Platinum Pen Japan, J. Herbin, Noodler’s, Sailor Japan, and many others. Established in 2002, Scribe now has seven retail stores in the Philippines with two being in Cebu located at Ayala Center Cebu and SM City Cebu.

The Scribe Writing Essentials Exclusive Shopping Spree | Skip The Flip
Ms. Sharon Mae Santos, Scribe Operations Manager, during her welcome talk

Last month, they have introduced their rebranding to Cebuanos and I was one of those people who were able to join the celebration. They were so kind to bring items from their stores to the venue for us to check. We were also given the chance to pick some items that we fancy and it took me almost an hour to decide which one to get.

Without too much fuss, let’s all together check these amazing things I’ve got from the Scribe Cebu Media Launch.

The Scribe Writing Essentials Exclusive Shopping Spree | Skip The Flip

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Note: Please bear in mind that these items are available at their retails stores. The availability and price, however, are variable. What I have here were gotten from their event and most likely have either similar or might have changed in price today. You can always drop by their stores and check them yourself.

Personal Seal Set (Complete With Wax); ₱695.00

The Scribe Writing Essentials Exclusive Shopping Spree | Skip The Flip

I always dream of having one of these seals. As an avid Harry Potter fan, owning one of this seal set kind of giving you the Hogwarts feels. I’ve got the seal with the letter “P” to make it even more personal, and I am planning to use this someday on my invitation card envelopes or maybe for greetings cards on special occasions.

3-Piece Copper Wax Set; ₱295.00

The Scribe Writing Essentials Exclusive Shopping Spree | Skip The Flip

I also bought the 3-piece copper wax set to keep for extra (just in case I overuse the included red wax in the seal box set).

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Brush & Line 24 Double Ended Markers (Washable Colors); ₱995.00

The Scribe Writing Essentials Exclusive Shopping Spree | Skip The Flip

This is the most expensive item I’ve got from the bunch, but to someone who’s into coloring, this is such a good bargain. I even have a 24-piece plastic crayons set (yes, plastic crayons), so getting these markers is a no-brainer kind of choice. Considering each marker has double tips (a brush and a 0.7mm fine tip) I am very excited to use these on my future art projects.

Ooly Seriously Fine 0.7MM Felt Tip Markers (Set Of 36); ₱845.00

The Scribe Writing Essentials Exclusive Shopping Spree | Skip The Flip

My first choice of markers to get from the display are the Ooly Seriously Fine 0.7mm felt tip markers. Looking at the price tag and the number of colors in the box, I can think of it as much cheaper compared to the double-ended markers.

The double-ended markers, due to their dual purpose and use, are more attractive and flexible. So, I still took the set and put it in the goodie bag anyway. Well, actually, I took both because why not.

Preppy Sign Pen (Felt Tip); ₱105.00 / Kuretake Zig Fudebiyori Brush Pen (Gray); ₱65.00

The Scribe Writing Essentials Exclusive Shopping Spree | Skip The Flip

The Preppy Sign Pen got my attention because it’s something new to me. The usual sign pen I have used in the past has metal point. This one has felt tip. So, it’s a marker but sign pen. Complicate to describe, that’s why I got one.

The Kuretake Zig Fudebiyori Brush Pen is a quality product from Japan. Buying it in gray color, however, was bought by mistake. I was told that the pen is not metallic. Getting the gray color would end up like coloring using watercolor without dipping the brush on the color. I should have gotten colors but this one. But since I already got it, I will try to play around how to use this pen for my future artwork.

The total value of all the products featured here is exactly ₱3000.00.

The Scribe Writing Essentials Exclusive Shopping Spree | Skip The Flip

Scribe Cebu Caravan

Come December 13, 2017, Scribe will be having their Cebu Caravan at SM Seaside City Cebu. You will get the chance to try first-hand their products on display.

The Scribe Writing Essentials Exclusive Shopping Spree | Skip The Flip

To keep you posted on new Scribe products and their #ShopAtScribe shopping extravaganza this year, follow them on their Facebook Page.

You can also share the joy of writing with Scribe to this most wonderful time of the year. Scribe products are ideal gifting items for those who love writing, coloring, and journaling. Discover old and new favorites to #GiftMyScribe and select your picks to your heart’s desires.

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Scribe is an absolute haven for art and writing enthusiasts. With the very wide array of products from high-quality brands, as well as items for your growing art and pen collection, their stores are definitely worth a visit and not to be missed. Achieving its goals to make the writing revolution alive for the new generation, Scribe is also a place for finding ideas for that one perfect gift.

Thank you, Scribe, for inviting me to the Cebu Media Launch event! These new coloring pens will surely add up to tools for my blog projects.

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